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... Very astute post, thanknyou! The psychiatrist has a special interest or specialty in this area and more of a people person than many. The calmness and certainty and details of the confabultions can certainly convince people. They find my aunt a bit of a curiosity because she sometimes actually verbalizes a seeming understanding that she is making things up by... (16 replies)
... Gail, know that many of us have gone through similar experiences. Our loved ones with dementia will not act as we do. They do things we consider bizarre when in reality it is just demented behavior caused by the disease. ... (67 replies)
... the last two weeks she has been doing some strange things she was diagnosed in 2009, she is taking her clothes off and also her depends. She sleeps a lot and is moaning all the time lately. She still eats but only wants sweets and soups.She has started to try and walk without assistance. This is scaring me. ... (67 replies)

... I don't want to sound childish but I found it very stressful to have her in the room sort of moaning and gagging so I asked about it. I was afraid she was being ignored since I don't know this facility that well. They said she was okay, to just ignore her. ... (2 replies)
... ALZ9, Has he been diagnosed with dementia? What do the doctors say? I can't tell if he's just abusive or that he might have an issue with alcohol. Either way, you need help with this and must protect yourself. Is there any other family around to help you with this? If he has been diagnosed with dementia, there are medications to help with his behavior and as for the... (4 replies)
... Angel, What a wonderful post. I read it and just laughed, laughed because it takes someone kind of special like yourself to work and care for people with dementia. I have great admiration for anyone that works with the mentally ill, and with the elderly who can struggle so much with their minds. Well done to you Angel and all the other "Angels" who do the job you... (8 replies)
... pens so often and never a simple answer. I can understand them giving her the pain med at night but not during the day so I would ask them to stop that. If the moaning is so loud that is is bothering others even during the day then perhaps this is not the right NH for her. ... (8 replies)
... I so love listening when Angel Bear gets on her soapbox.... and once again she is absolutely right. I remember one lady who would sit in her chair in the hall and yell at everybody that passed by.... "I want my pink Cadillac". According to her family she never had one or mentioned one until late dementia. We had a moaner. Originally her moan resembled "gooo hooome" but... (8 replies)
... These people have DEMENTIA ........ they are no longer able to conform to our standards .... why on EARTH do these Nursing Homes expect otherwise? ... (8 replies)
... he night and the results are the same. The nursing home has been cooperative with me trying alternative supplements, etc, but they are getting very tired of the moaning and I am concerned that they may ask me to take Mom out of their facility soon. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. ... (8 replies)
... confusion are tantamount in dementia patients. ... (12 replies)
Patient Lift
Dec 21, 2012
... y are very effective, but because they are the only approved medications that they can prescribe. Perhaps a good question to ask, if Mom is in her late stages, moaning and in discomfort, why would you want to continue a medication designed only to slow the progression of the disease? ... (22 replies)
... So Mom was in the rehab (vs. long-term) section of a SNF; I had been told she could stay as long as she participated in therapy. Well, of course she started yelling out at night and otherwise "misbehaving" (she has frontal lobe damage from a head injury incurred a couple of years ago; this superimposed on a pre-existing vascular dementia); in short, she wants what she wants... (11 replies)
... and "yells out loudly"... Hello, that is how she calls for me when she needs me in the middle of the night. She is blind and has dementia and NO CLUE how to operate a call button... D'oh. ... (14 replies)
... er she can't, so she then said I was a liar and she didn't want to see me anymore.When I asked her who I was ,she knew and called me by name, she also said I was moaning about her to her husband, not true as my father has been dead for 12 years. She eventually went to sleep still ranting. ... (162 replies)
Good Morning
Jun 18, 2010
... Josie... I'm not going to try to convince you of anything that you don't want to do. To answer your question, there is no way to know for sure. You just observe and use your best guess. Some of the things you can look for are.... * breathing: labored breathing or hyperventilating * vocalization: moaning or crying * facial expression: frowning or grimacing * body... (76 replies)
... CARING SISTER: My spouse was on Namenda for 15 months and is currently at end-of-life stage on Hospice. I told the physician and Hospice to stop/wean this medication in early January this year and he did. I also had him cut the dosages of two anti-psychotics. Today she is more awake than in the last 16 months - her 'utterances' have been transformed to intelligible... (12 replies)
... Diane It sounds like this latest event with the fall and admission in to the hospital has pushed your mom to another level. She may just pull out of it. Or she may remain in the state that she is. It is so hard to predict what is going to happen and when. I have learned that from all the past experiences my Mom has had. Each time this past year when she would be admittied... (12 replies)
... if she's in pain! She can't tell us whether she wants head up or down, legs up or down and she keeps pulling her legs to an odd angle in bed and then makes the moaning sounds. ... (12 replies)
... You would have laughed at this story: Our "crow" was full pelt screaming. One of our other gentleman who no longer walks but can potter around in a lounge chair on wheels called me over. I said "What's up?" and he said "That lady over there (pointing to the one screaming like a crow) needs to go to the toilet" I said "Why's that?" and he said "Because you need to shove her... (8 replies)

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