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... Good morning, tpotter. Like you, I have just spent a year dealing with my wife's fast-declining Pick's Dementia...She is 53. Diagnosed just over a year ago, she has gone from being a seemingly-normal functioning person to someone who just wanders around in the nursing home and hasn't spoken a word in almost 6 months. She cannot shower or wash her hair or brush her teeth. When... (14 replies)
... Alzheimer's Disease is only one type of dementia. There are other dementias. My Mom's was called Senile Dementia becuase it appeared in old age. ... (14 replies)
... During the recent doctor visit that I attended with Sister about Mom, doctor stated that there are periods in Dementia where the failures are fast and then they kind of plateau out for a few weeks or momth and then the failures progress again rapidly. ... (14 replies)

... a progressive disease. The plaques and tangles of ALZ interfer with more and more neurons which are the messangers of the brain. As they cease to function the dementia worsens. The same happens with other dementias for different reasons. Aricept, and all other current medications do not stop or reverse this damange. ... (14 replies)
... Martha is right...most dementia is progressive. Your husband is a young man to be showing sypmtoms...but it is not too unusual. ... (14 replies)
... I would like to know why dimensia symtoms worsen? ... (14 replies)
... Any dementia elders do wander into another resident's room. My FIL's home does the same. Often I saw some stuff left by the other residents in his room. ... (15 replies)
... thanks to all of you. (14 replies)
... thank you so much it is so very painful (14 replies)
... hey great idea. I know they're 24 and 21 but I don't want my demise to break whatever fragile strings bind them. I would never blame my Sister is something happens to Mom during her watch and today it is a doosy -- but I know she'll throw it in my face if something happens while I have her which is why I probably shy away from spending too much time there. Today Mother is... (14 replies)
... First you need to check in your state to see if you can have dual POA's and if there are age requirements. In NC you can only appoint one person... and an alternative if the named person can not fulfill their obligation. I know each state is different so check with a lawyer about the rules in your area. In our family, we are all older than your kids (by a LOT), we... (14 replies)
... Also, please don't do the POA's just on your husband's side. Plan for your own, designate someone on your POA's knowing that it won't be your husband. This makes it something you both do and it won't make him feel like a failure himself. This is something I had put off doing and seeing my mother's decline I need to do it at some point. I don't know who would be the... (14 replies)
... What you do need to do now is to make sure that you have bpth durable POA and medical POA and are on all the bank accounts while your hubby is still fairly stable mentally. This way when you need the POAs you will have them and they will be in place. You need to get all of this sort of stuff in place so that when he start to fail you will be prepared. HIPPA laws make it hard... (14 replies)
... I don't want to stop it.... I want to reverse it. The idea of leaving Mom and Dad where they are now is too sad for words... Stuck between where you want to be and where you are going, with some awareness of what is going on but without complete understanding, the cognitive ability to deal with it, and no way to stop it..... It is incomprehensible. Love, deb (14 replies)
... its so hard to watch the person decline. i so wish i could stop it. (14 replies)
... Meanwhile, if he has Dementia you will have to gradually take charge of more and more, since his memory will fail little by little and he will not be able to do what he does now. ... (14 replies)
... is still there but Psychotic symtoms are in full swing..... yelling, not listening to the care takers, very agitated etc. ... (4 replies)
... not to mention that she was already exhibiting dementia symtoms as well. I must say, it burned me out. ... (7 replies)
... ALL these diseases mimic dementia in various forms, it is ESSENTIAL that he has a full blood work up and physical to discount anything else before anybody jumps to the conclusion of Early Onset. ... (8 replies)
SO confused !
Jan 4, 2007
... cetatainly depression affects memory, concentration and motivation which can look like some early dementia symtoms . ... (4 replies)

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