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... If it was Prednisone psychosis last time, that particular psychosis is notorious for combativeness and aggressiveness. It is not a predictor of Mom's perhaps dementia temperament. ... (7 replies)
... Another thing I worry about is when my mother was in her confused state, she became belligerent and combative, which is totally out of character for her. She never even says so much as an unkind word normally. If she does progress to dementia. I'm afraid of what might happen. My dad's mind is fine, but his physical health is not good, and he wouldn't be able to handle her if... (7 replies)
... ked out so Dad broke the window to get in the house. Sounds reasonable. Dad didn't remember breaking the window but then he was already diagnosed with Vascular Dementia so that was not beyond reason. Wait, they drive home and the house key was on the car keys. Why were they locked out? ... (7 replies)

... s are usually the first changes seen in many with dementia. Currently there is no single test to accurately diagnosis dementia. Many of the symptoms of early dementia are the same symptoms of depression. As stated above, medications can cause cognitive problem. ... (7 replies)
... The dementia and personality changes are fairly common first signs of statin damage. ... (7 replies)
... Time is not a tangible concept. It is spacial and those with dementia lose the ability to grasp time quickly. Telling them to take meds to 8 AM does not work. They eat when they are hungry. Sleep when they are sleepy. ... (2 replies)
... Two things wrong in your statement It is something that can happen down the road. Data shows that this adverse effect shows up in most people within the first year. and secondly it does not always go away immediately after statins are withdrawn and in all to many cases it is permanent, I am a case in point, I know of many others. I stopped statins in 2005, was disabled... (7 replies)
... Thanks, Deb and David. I'm not sure how long she's been on the statin. I know she's been on the BP med for about two years, but I don't think the statin was prescribed at that time. Her primary doc happened to be on duty in the ER when she had her intitial seizure (it's a small, rural hospital.) He mentioned at the time about this possibley being the tip of the iceberg, so... (7 replies)
... Hi all, Sorry if this is long, I want to set it up properly. My mother is 76 years old, has been in relatively good health, was a lifelong smoker but has recently quit. She had a TIA two years ago, and a severe blood pressure spike last summer. Other than that, has been in excellent health. The only meds she takes are for BP, cholesterol, and an antidepressant that she's... (7 replies)
... How someone with dementia reacts to the world around them is as varied as the person themselves. Just be thankful that she is being compliant rather than agitated.. ... (1 replies)
... agitation, especially in elderly dementia patients. It is a side effect that the elderly dementia patient is more susceptible to. The only way to know for sure if it is going to adversely affect your wife is to try it once and see the results. ... (17 replies)
... Also know what type of dementia your loved one has. Is it Alzheimer's, Vascular Dementia, Lewey Bodies, Frontal Temporal or one of the other causes of dementia. ... (17 replies)
... an ambulance will come along with the police if you tell them you're dealing with a dementia patient. There's mandatory assessment after the emergency room visit. ... (17 replies)
... ntary placement. A word of caution here. This was intended for emergency treatment of mentally ill individuals who needed emergency care and not for those with dementia or cognitive decline. The treatment outcome may not be the right one for a loved one with dementia... but it is all that we have. ... (17 replies)
... My MIL has recently become much more compliant. Whenever anyone says or suggests something she says "oh, okay". This change has made her much easier to deal with. I'm curious if this is unusual stage progression. Does anyone know? (1 replies)
... in error...... (17 replies)
... Deb, you said something in the third to last paragraph that is hitting home. You make reference to xanax and that you don’t like it for the elderly. Not exactly your words but it’s what I think you meant. Currently my wife, who has Alzheimer’s, takes Seroquel (twice a day) and prozac (once a day) just last Friday her doctor prescribed xanax to be used one hour prior to her... (17 replies)
Far reaching
Feb 22, 2015
... After 5 months in a hospital mental heath unit while a Parkinson's/dementia medication balance was found my husband is now in a high need facility and has settled. After talking to wives in the same situation I have found that, after the anger/guilt/grief it is normal to enjoy living alone peacefully and to start to rebuild a life of your own. I normal to visit... (3 replies)
Refusing to eat
Feb 19, 2015
... I so understand exactly what you have said here Sandy! Dad was the one with cardiovascular disease. I watched Mom take care of him through heart attacks, bypass surgery, stints, afib, and the first years of his vascular dementia. As with your Mom, she did everything for everybody and her worst fear was Alzheimer's as she cared for her Mom with Alzheimer's. Mom survived... (3 replies)
Refusing to eat
Feb 18, 2015
... Yes, a UTI can make her dementia and medical condition much worse. Mom was walking around one day, slid down the wall to the floor on a Saturday afternoon. ... (3 replies)

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