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... an go wrong and make the Alzheimer's worse. Infections, pain, being out of her normal routine all work against her. Doctor's, hospitals, and procedures and not dementia friendly. She already has Alzheimer's, will she understand the treatments and what she needs to do in order to cooperate with the treatments? ... (2 replies)
... I also know many who have been very honest and upfront about their diagnosis. Some have even become strong voices advocating for dementia awareness. As one friend with Lewey Body Dementia told me recently, you can live well with Dementia. My Dad was one of those. ... (6 replies)
... She probably cannot understand any explanations of moving. My husband used to fight to "go home" when he was sundowning. The nursing homes that deal with dementia patients are very aware of the different issues they have and will try to keep her occupied and comfortable. ... (3 replies)

... You are trying to do the impossible if you want to explain to her what is going to happen in a way she is going to understand. If she can not recognize her own home, how is she going to comprehend and remember a lengthy explination regarding a move to a facility? She's not! My best advice is to move her in without fanfare or explanation. What I would do is to keep her room... (3 replies)
... My MIL has vascular dementia. She has 24 hour in home care while she's on a waiting list for a facility. The move will likely be in the next few weeks. She doesn't recognize her house and constantly asks to "go home". I'm looking for suggestions for what to tell her when the time comes for her to move since she won't recognize the facility as "home" either. (3 replies)
... My husband is in a nursing home and I bathe him every night before he goes to bed. I make a routine of bathing his top half while he's in the wheelchair, then a CNA would help me transfer him to the bed and I clean the bottom half. Usually, by the time I get him completely bathed, he's sound asleep and all I have to do is change his diaper and put a gown on him. It helps... (6 replies)
New at this game
Jan 17, 2015
... My Dad on the other hand had more reasoning ability. His Vascular Dementia left his logic in tact. I could explain this topic to him and he got it. He had no fear of what was happening to him so he was ok with it. ... (5 replies)
ALZ Hospice
Jan 12, 2015
... My husband has alz dementia and is on hospice he has stopped eating Someone from Hospice will be at the nursing tomorrow to assess my husband He said they will decide whether to take him off his meds He said if they do they will put him on a medicine for pain Oh my, my mind went blank don't remember the name Anyways, I'm really nervous about this medicine Do they have... (2 replies)
... Ohh I really feel for you... Unfortunately my Uncle passed away. Final diagnosis was pneumonia infection. Docs found WBC count (and immune strength) very low. So the infection did spread really fast and without any hopes of recovering. We actually had been told that his chances of survival are close to none, a day before. I wish his soul may rest in peace. He was very... (5 replies)
... Yes, an infection does make sense. I am glad they at least know what they are dealing with and hopefully they will find a way to improve his condition. My heart goes out to you. Having lost my Dad to Vascular Dementia, my Mom to Alzheimer's, and then my daughter to a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage.... I do understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Please let... (5 replies)
... My husband has just had to be moved to a facility. I had photos put on the walls of scenes from his young days as well as family/pets etc. Also had his boxing and soccer medals framed and placed. Added his favourite chocolate pineapple lumps at the ready!! I acted as though this was a normal day, didn't attempt to explain anything. The less upset and consequent... (3 replies)
... (6 replies)
... My MIL has vascular dementia. She returned to her home that she's lived in for 3 years after a stay in rehab. She recognizes her furniture but does not remember that this house is her home. One of the difficulties we're facing is her refusal to bathe. She keeps insisting she'll bathe when she gets home. She just doesn't remember she is home! Any ideas? (6 replies)
... the way. I planned on keeping my husband at home forever. Calling 911 and having him go through an assessment gave me a lot of insight into the Alzheimer's and dementia that I would have normally not known from regular doctor visits. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for everyone's input. People are offering options that would in theory work well, if not for people being so unwilling, which I guess is my hopelessness and frustration. Yes my aunt could get or help get my mom ready, she did it with her own mom for years who had dementia. But, my dad will give the same reason, that he doesn't want to put up with my mom's talking... (6 replies)
... I had much the same problem with Mom and Dad. Dad had Vascular Dementia and Mom was his full time care giver. She refused help, respite, or a care facility for him. She was determined to do it all herself. ... (6 replies)
... I might add, "Mom, these slippers were specially made so they don't wear out", or something in that vein... (3 replies)
... with Alzheimer's is different. What I can say is that her reality is not the same as it was before and she will react differently. My best guess is, those with dementia love routine!! The same thing over and over and over is perfect for them. I solved the problem by buying the same thing over and over. ... (3 replies)
... Since you spoke of your Mum, I assume you are in the UK. I know your health system there is different from here in the US. What I can say is that your Dad needs a proper diagnosis. As I said in the last post, some medications used for anxiety, and behavioral issues do not work well with all types of dementia and some can actually made it worse (especially with FTD). It is... (10 replies)
... such as Ativan and Zanax, and typical antipsychotics. Those with Lewy Bodies Dementia are prone to night terrors. Vascular Dementia can also lead to nightmares, night terror. ... (10 replies)

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