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... r cd player, favorite blanket, collages of pictures of loved ones, pets, home, etc. Those types of things are good distractions when she's agitated. Women with dementia tend to like baby dolls, teddy bears, etc... things that they can cuddle and nurture. I think it's the motherly instinct. ... (3 replies)
... My mom and I were scheduled to go to New York to visit my grandmother (who has dementia) tomorrow morning. This past Tuesday morning my mom lost her wallet in the house and we have not been able to find it anywhere. She also misplaced her birth certificate. The wallet contained her state i.d., medical cards, and social security card, and bank card, and her metro access... (3 replies)
... the way. I planned on keeping my husband at home forever. Calling 911 and having him go through an assessment gave me a lot of insight into the Alzheimer's and dementia that I would have normally not known from regular doctor visits. ... (7 replies)

Nov 8, 2014
... My husband has alz/dementia and is on hospice,. Yesterday a nurse from hospice came and checked him out. She said she was going to check his muscles. She measured his arm around and from the shoulder to the elbow. I should have asked her why but didn't. Would anybody know why? Also, she said something about his strength. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks (1 replies)
... Get in touch with you local Admiral Nurse and ask for an evaluation of the situation. They are trained Dementia Nurses in the UK and can give guidance as to what services are available and what services are needed. ... (6 replies)
... I'm so sorry about your family. Your dad needs to be in a facility. It sounds like your mom is not equipped to deal with the dementia and will definitely have problems with it as it progresses. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you all so much for alerting me to this. I am very scared because I know it may be happening to us. Went to the Doc yesterday and he changed some meds and added some new ones. He did sleep better last night but got up in a really bad mood. I will keep praying the new meds will help. (7 replies)
... Hello. I am really struggling as to what to do. My dear dad (aged 79) has Alzheimer's (stage 4), and prostate problems. He has been on medication for his heart for 11 years. He keeps falling and suffers hallucinations. My mother (aged 68) is an incredibly bitter lady with anger issues. She has always suffered with depression, but she will not do anything about it. She is... (6 replies)
... When I was literally scared of my gentle husband and had to call the police twice in a week after I was able to get out of the house. He saw men in our home who were going to murder us and went to attack them. I became one of the intruders. For some time I had been able to calm him as he roamed through the night and he would listen to my son who would drive 30 mins to... (7 replies)
... I am taking in all these suggestions and will try my best to do them. How did your situation stop? (7 replies)
... gewallac you could be describing my husband. Same age same progression. The agitation continued to paranoia and aggression until there was no alternative but to call the police. His Dr was superb but it is not easy to give meds when it is considered to be poison. Even after 3 months in a hospital mental health unit a medication balance has not been found that stops the... (7 replies)
... These are behaviors that can develop as the disease progresses. As the cognition declines the social filters which tell us how to behave decline. This can lead to irrational behaviors which can be difficult to handle. You do need to call his doctor and inform him of the new behavior patterns. Medication can be helpful but also know that this behavior can become dangerous. ... (7 replies)
... Talk to his doctors as soon as possible. He needs medication that will help with the agitation. It will only get worse. He could also get aggressive on you and depending on how strong you are, you may not be able to control him. (7 replies)
... Please do not paint every facility with a broad brush. There are good facilities. I do have a question. Were the facilities you experienced dementia units or general nursing homes? ... (12 replies)
... iving many anti physchotic meds. to strong for her and making her hallucinate. sent to physc ward at hospital. told them these meds have never been approved for dementia patients. so now she is on valium when needed. 3rd nursing home not eating not being cared for personal hygiene not being done. wrong id bracelet. ... (12 replies)
... Does anyone know where to get the Enbel Perispinal Injections for Dementia Patients in the Tri-State area? (N.Y, N.J., OR CT.)? THANK YOU (0 replies)
... My husband is 83 and diagnosed with dementia about six years ago. He has declined very fast in the last three months. He is going through sundowning recently. Gets very ill and agitated. ... (7 replies)
... he top of her lungs when no one at the facility pays attention to her. I told the facility that she must be put back on namenda or at least some medication for dementia since it did at least seem to keep her calmer than she is now with out any medication. ... (1 replies)
... Our 17 year old daughter was home at the time and it terrified her. He was admitted to a dementia unit at a hospital for evaluation, his meds were changed, and then he was sent to a nursing home after. ... (7 replies)
... I will do my very best to explain my situation, although currently my energy is depleted and I feel like my mental strength is limited. My husband of 24 years is 61 years old, retired USAF. Over the past months, since April, my husband has been showing increasingly disturbing signs of dementia. He is very violent and aggressive. He has yet to get a proper diagnosis. ... (7 replies)

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