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... but wanted his car keys. Mom had to have her cards and statements more than cash. Each is different. As I am fond of saying... if you have met one person with dementia then you have meet one person with dementia. ... (7 replies)
Dementia onset?
Apr 5, 2015
... If he failed the clock test then you know basically what you need to know... he has some type of dementia and needs assistance, especially if he is trying to care for your mother in law and himself. ... (1 replies)
... My mother still knows that a $20 bill is much better than a $1 bill, though she is not clear on exactly how much better. So for this time, we have to have a few $20 bills in there. I suspect some day $1's and $5's will suffice. Funny, she doesn't give a hoot about credit cards. (7 replies)

... And may your son soar!!! Routine is your Mom's friend. Even small changes tend to upset the apple cart. I remember the day Dad got violently agitated and nobody could figure out why. Turned out it was nothing more than a floral bed spread. Mom always used a white or near white bed spread. Dad didn't recognize the floral bed cover and thought Mom was in somebody else... (7 replies)
... Deb, thanks for the inquiry, re: my son. Yes he has been launched, into the end of his 2nd year across the coast at university. Doing well, thanks. My mom is aware that her memory is failing, just not how much! She jokes constantly about how she can't remember telephone numbers anymore. Little does she realize that she can't even tell the difference between a phone and... (7 replies)
... So glad for all of you that Mom has mellowed. It does sometimes happen as the disease progresses. That limbo period where my Mom was aware enough to know something was wrong, but not aware enough to accept and understand what it was, was probably the worst time for her. How is your son doing?.. off at College? Love, deb (7 replies)
... My 96 yo mother went through an extreme ornery stage for a year or so. During that time she was fiercely suspicious of everyone and extremely negative. She managed to insult housekeepers, gardeners that my brother and I recruited to help out around the house. She also managed to insult a string of informal caregivers who were hired to keep her company and to watch over her... (7 replies)
Dementia onset?
Apr 5, 2015
... We have noticed my father -inlaw is very confused lately and the simplest tasks he just doesn't understand anymore. He was a well educated man and of course was always right about everything,now he just looks confused . He did go to doctors and she did a test for this condition put we never got the true answer from him he just made excuses for failing the clock test. My... (1 replies)
Lewy Body Dementia
Mar 20, 2015
... It is hard to tell from what you have said but one thing did strike me. There are medications that those with Lewy Body do not react to well. Is he on any new medications? In particular Benzodiazepines, tranquilizers like diazepam and lorazepam which is Xanax or Ativan, Anticholinergics (antispasmodics), such as oxybutynin and glycopyrrolate, older antidepressants, certain... (1 replies)
Lewy Body Dementia
Mar 20, 2015
... I'm looking for any support with this particular illness. My Dad was just diagnosed last week but everyone, other than my mom, suspected some kind of dementia. My Dad is 76 years old. I've noticed a decline in his health over the past five years--both physically and mentally. However, up until this point, he's been perfectly competent. He was driving and walking around,... (1 replies)
... What your mother had and what my father 78 is currently going through at the moment sounds identical. We are worried we may loose him. My father wad diagnosed with congestive heart failure and that wad causing all the low sodium problems and memory confusion (we also thought he had mild dementia).Was your mother tested for heart problems?? Glad to hear your mom made it... (8 replies)
... ry two to three months now they are happening every other week and recently twice in one week.... I am worried. I have previously lived in caring for a lady with dementia and spent the most horrific and stressful year of my life with her.... ... (0 replies)
... Hello. Wonder if anyone has gone through a similar situation and can offer any advice. My mother is 78 yrs. young, with dementia/alzheimerís that came on so rapidly just in the last 1-2 months (awaiting referral to neurologist from her HMO). Some of her symptoms: accusing others of stealing, thinks she met certain people when she didnít, thinking she had conversations with... (0 replies)
... If it was Prednisone psychosis last time, that particular psychosis is notorious for combativeness and aggressiveness. It is not a predictor of Mom's perhaps dementia temperament. ... (8 replies)
... Another thing I worry about is when my mother was in her confused state, she became belligerent and combative, which is totally out of character for her. She never even says so much as an unkind word normally. If she does progress to dementia. I'm afraid of what might happen. My dad's mind is fine, but his physical health is not good, and he wouldn't be able to handle her if... (8 replies)
... ked out so Dad broke the window to get in the house. Sounds reasonable. Dad didn't remember breaking the window but then he was already diagnosed with Vascular Dementia so that was not beyond reason. Wait, they drive home and the house key was on the car keys. Why were they locked out? ... (8 replies)
... s are usually the first changes seen in many with dementia. Currently there is no single test to accurately diagnosis dementia. Many of the symptoms of early dementia are the same symptoms of depression. As stated above, medications can cause cognitive problem. ... (8 replies)
... The dementia and personality changes are fairly common first signs of statin damage. ... (8 replies)
... Hi all, Sorry if this is long, I want to set it up properly. My mother is 76 years old, has been in relatively good health, was a lifelong smoker but has recently quit. She had a TIA two years ago, and a severe blood pressure spike last summer. Other than that, has been in excellent health. The only meds she takes are for BP, cholesterol, and an antidepressant that she's... (8 replies)
... How someone with dementia reacts to the world around them is as varied as the person themselves. Just be thankful that she is being compliant rather than agitated.. ... (7 replies)

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