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... I think you may be on to something. It sounds like your mom just isn't living very healthily at home. Malnutrition and weight loss is more common in seniors with dementia that live alone compared to those who live with others. ... (5 replies)
... My husband is entering into the final stages of dementia...He aready has lost most of his memory. He most recently went from a very picky eater to eating everything...another thing that changed is he has been fighting going to a nursing home and now he is ok with the idea. I am guessing that he has forgotten his deep set beliefs. Any other ideas...?? (0 replies)
... yes, the vascular problems can cause a type of dementia. my mom was diagnosed as having "atypical dementia". they couldn't call it ALZ because a lot of the symptoms for that were missing. Just because someone has short term memory loss and shouldn't drive does not automatically mean ALZ. Or even true dementia. We have all forgotten during the last 20 years that old... (4 replies)

... ir fault just try to stay calm,and say i know you have told me that.try music she likes it does have a calming affect,have a word to your doctor try to go to the dementia cafe's,read up on it amazon do a lot of books explain a lot. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome to the club...a club we children of parents with dementia wish we didn't belong to! ... (2 replies)
... My mom is in the early stages of dementia, she is only 69. But, things are progressing pretty rapidly as she has become increasingly forgetful. For some reason, it makes me very angry when she asks me the same things over and over again in the same conversation and I remain patient but Im so upset and frustrated. And then I end up feeling so awful as a daughter that Im upset... (2 replies)
... The quick answer is perhaps. That type of "confabulation" is typical of dementia type behaviors. He may not remember all that was said and may not have processed what was said correctly. His brain came up with a story that was possible. ... (1 replies)
... hearing things that weren't said. It hasn't happened in other areas like business or personal. Can this be the dementia or is he really hearing these things? ... (1 replies)
... Mar1209, I don't know if this is relevant or not, there are so many different types of dementia from different causes. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, you will get a lot of different responses and suggestions. My best advice is to grab what fits your situation, adapt what you can, and leave the rest. Each situation is different. What worked for me may not work for you. You may be able to adapt some suggestions to your situation and not others. There is not a one size fits all solution. I found this true in my own... (11 replies)
... I'm so sorry for your husband's diagnosis. We are here for my MIL who was diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer's Disease. I don't have advice, but just wanted to give you a hug of support; there are wonderful people who post on this board, who I am sure will have suggestions/resources and just knowledge to help you through this because it is tough going. Hugs, Ruth (11 replies)
... My husband is 53 and has early onset dementia I am 50 years old and then married for 32 years it pains me to see my husband go through this I'm not sure how to deal with everything that comes my way and I'm looking for any advice I could get please help (11 replies)
... Be sure to inform your pharmacist that your Mom has Dementia and ask for an alternative. Mom used Trazadone effectively and it does not carry the black box warning. ... (1 replies)
... mom started on 10 mg of zyprexa twice a day for dementia she was very aggressive and delusional. ... (1 replies)
... m a 35 years old man, at my 30 i was diagnosed with HIV dementia phase 4, this kind of dementia is alzhemer like, but instead of own toxic proteins messing the brain, are HIV toxic protein whose make the damage. ... (0 replies)
... and the sudden worsening of the symptoms, I suspect he may have Vascular Dementia. But your statement still stands no matter which Dementia he has... " is time to really face the facts and start moving toward keeping him safe." Will help any way I can... ... (4 replies)
... demiscared... This is frustrating for you and for me. First, if your husband only scored 18/30 on his test then he does have significant cognitive decline which impacts his daily life.... and this is the definition of Dementia. This is supported by the symptoms that you have described. Beyond this, Namenda is specifically prescribed for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's. ... (4 replies)
... My husband is 74. He still works and tries to stay active. He has had several strokes in the past few years but always bounces back very quickly. Lately he started falling and blaming it on something tripping him, his driving was not normal. He is always a very safe driver. We have almost been in several accidents and one day he didn't make a curve and we went through the... (4 replies)
Dementia onset?
Apr 5, 2015
... If he failed the clock test then you know basically what you need to know... he has some type of dementia and needs assistance, especially if he is trying to care for your mother in law and himself. ... (1 replies)
Lewy Body Dementia
Mar 20, 2015
... It is hard to tell from what you have said but one thing did strike me. There are medications that those with Lewy Body do not react to well. Is he on any new medications? In particular Benzodiazepines, tranquilizers like diazepam and lorazepam which is Xanax or Ativan, Anticholinergics (antispasmodics), such as oxybutynin and glycopyrrolate, older antidepressants, certain... (1 replies)

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