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... Well .. That didn't go down too well. Gerientologist said basically what we've been told before, he was just a bit more blunt about it I guess. He doesn't want to talk about details of messes, he's seen in 3,500 times, he's straight forward about what HAS to be done. He said .... MIL has dementia. I don't care what kind, it's not important, what's important is she's... (17 replies)
... But as a gerientologist told me, it really doesn't matter WHICH dementia is present, the fact is it IS dementia and unfortunately, there is no cure. ... (8 replies)
What's a knife?
May 3, 2005
... Siesta ...... In one of my conversations with a Gerientologist he said AD patients often get 'sexy' in their gestures and mannerisms. Sometimes forcibly so, so please be careful ok? ... (19 replies)

... Hi Sally! Oh, joy!!! R&R at the perfect place and time. Put a sign on your Mum's door "GIRL"'S WEEKEND - NO BROTHERS ALLOWED" and ask her not to tell him you're coming. If he shows up, tell him his previous behavior will not be tolerated or go out the back door and drive away in the car!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers - Barbara :) (17 replies)
... Have a great weekend, and think about everything else except Alzheimers!! (17 replies)
... I'm dashing off to my Mum's first thing tomorrow morning and won't be back until Sunday evening ..... a couple of day's R & R at Mum's will do me the world of good (as long as my brother doesn't turn up and get pushy like last time). I appreciate, beyond your belief, of your support ...... it has meant so much to me and given me so much strength to speak to professionals in... (17 replies)
... Dear Sally, I thank God for hearing our prayers. There is now light at the end of the long tunnel you are in. I hope a suitable placement is found soon. (I wonder if putting them both together is wise, thinking she may do something to HURT him physically or otherwise - but that's up to the professionals.) I just keep on praying for you to get the strength you need to go... (17 replies)
... WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncing: Oh, Sally!!!!! This is fantastic news! What a wonderful difference 24 hours has made, indeed. I'm so glad everyone is at last on the same page, that a joint effort will be make henceforth in finding a place for John and Doris were they can be together. I so hope Doris can be found and peaceful inside MIL. Most excellent, too,... (17 replies)
... Hi Sally. This will be a short reply as I do not feel well today. My thyroid is going bonkers and I feel like I could fall over with exaustion at any moment. I think Martha has a good point. Maybe your BIL is not accepting of his mom's condition. Now that it's been pointed out to him by a doctor, it makes it more real and scares him. This is not an excuse for his behavior... (17 replies)
... Hi Sally, Well, BUMMER!!!!!! The folks who told you he'd almost certainly admit MIL need to be in sync with the doctor. No fair to get your hopes up for some meaningful intervention and relief when that wasn't even a consideration. They all need to be shaken until their teeth rattle! How is MIL reacting without any meds? Of course you cannot tell what might happen... (17 replies)
... Ok .. after intensive yakking (talking) with BIL and L ... we've come up with: FIL needs to stop being selfish and thinking about what makes him happy. Geriatrician was too abrupt and expecting too much placidity from the family. Remember, I know this guy, and yes, he exhibited behaviour I expected, however, I am more prepared for his abrupt words. He needs to show more... (17 replies)
... PS Gereontologists don't know everything either. Often the nurse who does the daily bedside care knows more. My son in law is a nurse, as are his mother and his sister. They often joke about the doctors' poor judgement and mistakes ..which get blamed on the nurses. My son in law had to call a doctor back - at home - to check on a poorly written and illegible prescription... (17 replies)
... Poor you, Sally. Back to square one? I can't understand the rage of your BIL ... BUT, I think now I do. This all hapened in 1989. My MIL fell while working in her garden. She passed out, was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with "stroke". After a few days they said, no, it wasn't a stroke, it is an inoperable brain tumor. Fatal. We lived 4 hours by Autobahn from... (17 replies)
... Hi Sally, I do so understand the wretching sadness of not being able to fix the unfixable, cure the uncurable, and be everything everyone needs you to be - perfectly - every minute of every day ad infinitum. I once read that it's impossible to make another person happy and only a woman would try. You have done well under the most trying of circumstances. As has been... (17 replies)
... Hi Sally, I have read and followed your posts. My heartfelt prayers go out to you and your loved ones. You have made me laugh and made me cry from everything you have been through and are still going through. You are a very strong and courageous woman. You have given me hope when I thought there was none. I wish you luck, but most of all know that I will be praying... (17 replies)
... My Stars for today: Your determination to press ahead with projects you really believe in could bring recognition for a special effort. A creative talent or clever idea could turn out to be a real money-spinner. Furthermore, you will get a lot of gratification from feeling the venture is truly your own. You are at your charming best today; use this to win others over to... (17 replies)
... Good luck .. my thoughts and prayers are with you said it very well. Stick to your position. Do not let anyone make you feel guilty. You did not sign up for an AD patient! NO WAY. Keep your chin up high .. all will be well. A solution is about to be found. Looking forward to your positive report! Love and prayers Martha (17 replies)
... don't get excited, it hasn't happened yet .. 5 hours to go .. I'm turning into a nervous wreck ...... I've written this out.. Opinions before the big moment appreciated: ē You cannot have an opinion unless you have experienced it personally for yourself. Iíve put more time, effort and love into this family than I have ever put into mine. This is because I have... (17 replies)
My MIL - updates
Feb 20, 2005
... have made an appointment for a gerientologist for Wednesday .. hopefully NOW something will be done for her. But .. then again, I'm not holding my breath. ... (40 replies)

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