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... I personally don't see the drugs like namenda or aricept makes any difference in my FIL's fantasies. He had taken those drugs for 18 months and he was still delusional. ... (41 replies)
... Well, Dad has been off Namenda for over a month now and the "two men with guns" are back, as well as several other people in his apartment. OH, and the mice too. ... (41 replies)
... Linda... I had to chuckle. That is exactly how I got Mom to MARS for her testing. She was going to prove me wrong because she was fine and the rest of us were just wrong! She came out furious because the questions were "trick questions". ... (3 replies)

... tting any diagnosis from a doctor. My sister, a housewife who dropped out of school in the 9th grade, was diagnosing my mom! After I found out the Dr put her on namenda for absolute no reason, I pulled my mom away from my sister and her "medical care" and starting bringing my mom to her own doctor. ... (6 replies)
... I wish I was wrong about bringing him over for Thanksgiving. But, I know ALL he looks forward to is me going over and taking him out. There are many times he "thinks" I am coming over and sits outside the AL waiting for hours for me. ... (41 replies)
... I also understand that you're worried sick he's going to get kicked out of AL, and that it's all downhill from there. ... (41 replies)
... Deb's mom has a prescription for ice cream, so I'm going to play doctor and prescribe a big bowl for you too! ... (41 replies)
... p, it is easier just to pretend that he is right, give him affirmation and resolution. If you have to tell him the FBI is on the way to ease his mind then it is going to be better for you both. What you can't do is tell him he is crazy and those people are not there. He will KNOW you are crazy. ... (41 replies)
... wonder "why did they do that" but dismiss it. Some will tend to withdraw. This is because of the difficulties they have in connecting and understanding what is going on. Or they may have changes in mood or behavior. Actually this was the very first thing I saw with Mom. ... (41 replies)
... Well. I am not sure what namenda can really do if you take it. Megan mentioned that maybe stopping namenda would make the person decline right away. I doubt it. ... (41 replies)
... Mom took a definite downward spiral when she went off these medications. During a relatively short period of time she was taken off both medications, two of her other medications were changed, the facility attempted to separate Mom and Dad, and then they were moved to a new facility. ... (41 replies)
... figure out that he had an abscessed tooth!! I reached up to rub his newly shaven face and as I was telling him he did a good job I felt the knot of infection. Off to the dentist, some antibiotics taken, and an extraction..... and Dad was happy again. He never ONCE said... my tooth hurts. ... (16 replies)
... While Mom is still here you need to stay in the moment with her. Yes, she is going to do things that will make you laugh and that is how it should be. I truly enjoy the time with my Mom and we both laugh and smile and have fun with each other. ... (21 replies)
... Heidi... you are going through the stages of grief.... ... (21 replies)
... Thanks for you response, I'm going to start being confident about my decision with her care and not dwell on what if's. ... (21 replies)
... Heidi... Mom took a downward turn but it was unassociated with the Namenda or Aricept. She was going downhill before we took her off. We took her off because of behavioral problem possibly related to the Namenda. During that same time she moved, had recurrent UTIs, and a stay in the hospital. ... (21 replies)
... ne in other cognition. Her agitation, aggression, paranoia, personality changes all became worse. She was started on both at the same time. When she was taken off of them she just stopped taking them. But that is something you will need to consult your doctor about. ... (3 replies)
... My father also had vascular dementia and was on Namenda and Aricept until the last few months. I didn't see that it took away his personality at all. He remained his good natured humorous self for a long time. ... (6 replies)
... e found it! My father was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia about 6 weeks ago. Of course...he began to show signs of memory loss a few years ago and we have put off the inevitable...going to a Neurologist. ... (6 replies)
... am not sure it did Mom any good at all because it was started so late and not sure it is doing any good for Dad because his is vascular dementia. Mom was taken off when her mini mental score dropped 8 points in less than a years. It was obvious that it was not benefiting her. I do think it contributed to her agitation. ... (28 replies)

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