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... From what you are saying I expect you are dealing with FTD. Frontal Temporal Dementia. I am not a doctor and can not diagnose but it is my best guess. The memory issues are less evident because it starts in the frontal temporal area of the brain. ... (6 replies)
Hello, new here
Mar 2, 2014
... ct the good and not understand the off part because you want that good part. It's a transition. You may well get to the point many do when they understand that getting worse may be the best thing. ... (13 replies)
Mar 15, 2014
... weeks. I'm getting worried about the pressure as his walking and incontinence is getting a lot well as his memory and communication. It's sad to watch someone down hill so fast. ... (103 replies)

Hello, new here
Mar 2, 2014
... Again, I must say thank you. Your responses to me here, have been more enlightening and productive for me than most of what I was getting on another message board. ... (13 replies)
... But lately i have noticed that my memory is awful. Sometimes i will talk to my girlfriend, and as we are talking, she will ask me about something we spoke about 10 minutes before, and i am clueless. ... (13 replies)
... Have you considered an AL or memory unit? ... (8 replies)
... Be realistic about Mom's abilities and do what needs to be done. Know that memory loss is just one part of dementia. Poor judgement, behavioral changes, irrational mood swings, and so much more is a huge part of dementia. ... (16 replies)
... the time of her diagnosis there was no way she could handle that information. She was told once and the hysteria was pitiful. Thankfully her loss of short term memory took that memory away. But her anxiety didn't go away until a trip through the Behavioral Med Unit. ... (16 replies)
... tion of other's feelings. They do become self centered. It is all about them and what they feel in the moment. If they forget, unlike us, there is now shadowy memory to bring forward. Their forgetting is as if it never happened. This is their reality and it is as real to them as our is to us. ... (16 replies)
... That means, he defied the report and said he would know! He denied it and still does not admit it now. He knows there is something wrong with his brain and memory but he never admits that he has this fatal disease AD. ... (16 replies)
... This is coupled with her mobility and memory getting worse. ... (2 replies)
... y for almost 3.5 years now. And my father had vascular dementia so I know the difference. They are much more prone to paranoia and delusions. Their short term memory is non existent but they do maintain some cognitive skills that Alzheimer's takes away. Bridge is a numbers game... ... (33 replies)
... It is your family's decision and no one else can really tell you any other way. In a way it is true as long as you can handle it, it is OK for her to stay at home. Everyone is different. Also hiring caregivers to help you is another way to go - it is just pricy. Now you may go there for 4 hours, but later on you will go there for 9 hours and gradually it will be 24 hours. It... (33 replies)
... so she has more "cognitive skills" than a person with alzheimers. She mostly has memory issues. I haven't caught her doing anything foolish yet. The day she forgot her hair appt. ... (33 replies)
... alzheimer's elders, there are residential care facilities for memory impaired. The local reputation is important. Chicago has some very good nursing homes for Alzheimer's. ... (33 replies)
... ut professional care in terms of activities or eating better. He was very sick as well. Also he forgot most things about family already so he no longer needs the memory of the house really. He forgot it is his house. ... (33 replies)
... I think now she is worse or is in moderate stage when she forgets a lot. This may be a shock to you. ... (33 replies)
... d given Dad an over doze of his Xanax that landed him in the hospital. She said it was a stroke. When we got there she said it was a heart attack. She had not memory of giving him the pills and even after the doctor validating the overdose she told her friends he had a heart attack. ... (33 replies)
... She had a hair appt. today. I had lunch plans, but I was going to be able to drive her afterwards, and my sister was going to pick her up on her way home from work. I had talked to her in the morning, to remind her. Well, Tuesday is her off the hook day. Since I wasn't home to harass, she called my sister 5 times at work. She went on and on about the usual---driving,... (33 replies)
... he will key onto one statement and she can't get past it. My father is battling cancer at the same time. She will not allow us to speak to the doctor about her memory issues, and dad doesn't want to rock the boat. ... (7 replies)

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