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... Is it possible for an undiagnosed urinary tract infection to be an underlying cause of sudden aggressive behavior? ... (9 replies)
... I never heard of a urinary tract infection mimicing dementia. Could this be her problem? ... (25 replies)
... MaryLouW, with any type of sudden behavioral change I always checked for a Urinary Tract Infection, or other type of infection. Mom would become belligerent and combative. Ok one day and fighting the next. That was always a sign of a UTI. ... (3 replies)

... idden. Movement helps us maintain our general health. It can also cause mental distress because we lost our ability to be independent and accomplish task. The urinary and respiratory tract infections are common. Appetite decreases because she doesn't need as many calories as someone who is ambulatory. ... (4 replies)
... ee could not be replaced due to weak muscles as per Surgeon, this was in 2010. Gradually her general health started going down. Appetite down, water intake down, urinary tract infection thrice, respiratory infection twice since then. She wanted some one at her bedside all the time and would complain " I am not feeling good". ... (4 replies)
Dementia and URTI
Aug 29, 2011
... Its Urinary Tract infection not upper respiratory UTI my mistake.... ... (5 replies)
... Hopefully one day there will be a protocol for dementia that fits the disease... until then we have us!! ... (9 replies)
... manage the cost of care. Unless it is rehab Medicare doesn't pay anything. They will pay if you have cancer, a broken hip, or other medical reasons but not for dementia and I think that truly needs to be changed but that is for the future. ... (28 replies)
... I think it was a urinary tract infection that finally was the last straw. One Sunday afternoon he took a nap and died in his sleep, that was the perfect way to go for him. ... (40 replies)
... s far as to say "Mom didn't really want you to be there, and if you would leave she would do just fine without you." Now imagine being the primary caregiver of a dementia patient and being told she would be BETTER off without you. ... (25 replies)
... Did her Dr. check for urinary tract infection. Mom has no symptoms until she starts hallucinating. She does not know to tell us if she burns or hurts down there. ... (15 replies)
... if your mother isn't normally prone to 'seeing things', it can sometimes be caused in older people by a urinary tract infection. You might want to check that the hospital has ruled that out. ... (15 replies)
... If your SIL is suddenly incontinent, she may have a urinary tract infection, so suggest to her doctor or her family that be checked. ... (14 replies)
Mar 3, 2005
... n my dad had chronic problems with urgency and incontinence, including complete incontinence, we never could get him to wear protection. Recently, when he had a urinary tract infection, he was having accidents and changing his clothes several times a day. ... (9 replies)
Mar 2, 2005
... I hesitate to respond, because I don't know enough to give much advice, but neurological conditions definitely can cause urinary incontinence. If he was doing better with medication, and then it got worse, I'd look at the simple explanations first. ... (9 replies)
... such as Ativan and Zanax, and typical antipsychotics. Those with Lewy Bodies Dementia are prone to night terrors. Vascular Dementia can also lead to nightmares, night terror. ... (10 replies)
... ing what you they are doing to you.... you would rebel as well. I will say that hospitals and rehab facilities have no clue how to deal with dementia. NONE!!! Dementia patients are labeled as psychotic, non cooperative, combative, and no consideration is given to their demented state. ... (10 replies)
... Gogo, what your Dad is displaying is agitation caused by anxiety. They do not have to be manic or agressive to be agitated. How many times have you just been agitated without throwing a complete fit of anger? The whirling thoughts in his head that he doesn't understand is causing him stress. There fore the packing and desire to go somewhere else. I probably did mention... (13 replies)
... Kind of goes for any infection but many more times so for UTI, maybe because of the toxins. ... (17 replies)
... Amaleigh, the water infection (Urinary Tract Infection) was more than likely the cause of the sudden bizarre behavior you witnessed due to the fact that the antibiotic made it better. This is very common with the elderly or those with dementia. I learned over the years when there is a sudden decline in abilities or behavior to have a Urinalysis done. Hope you can move... (17 replies)

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