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... condition doesn't look "typical," and especially when rapid onset is involved. Have they run a CT Scan to rule out vascular dementia in addition to the Alzheimer's? ... (11 replies)
... e that the brain scan showed no signs of stroke or bleeding, her chest xray was clear, and her blood work was normal, but they are waiting for the results of the urine culture. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, everybody progresses at a different rate and there are different types of dementia. My Dad did the step down in ability but it was related to his Vascular Dementia and cardiovascular events. Normally, this type of rapid decline is usually related to something... ... (11 replies)

... Dear Deb, thanks for your input. Before this cycle of constant crying sort of thing she never had dementia. Her urine Dr shows infection so tomorrow I will give urine for culture, surprisingly she does not complain of urge and retention, may be because she is unable to speak. ... (4 replies)
... e replaced due to weak muscles as per Surgeon, this was in 2010. Gradually her general health started going down. Appetite down, water intake down, urinary tract infection thrice, respiratory infection twice since then. She wanted some one at her bedside all the time and would complain " I am not feeling good". ... (4 replies)
... Chris... a UTI is common in the elderly and especially after catheter. If they just want a urine specimen I insist that they let me catch urine rather than use a catheter. If it is necessary I do ask for a preventative antibiotic. ... (3 replies)
... which are extremely common in dementia patients and almost usual for incontinent patients. This infection can make urination infrequent, while it build up acids in the bladder and the kidneys and leads to even worse confusion and even death. ... (9 replies)
... her Dr. check for urinary tract infection. Mom has no symptoms until she starts hallucinating. She does not know to tell us if she burns or hurts down there. Her urine will be very strong and orange in color. Of course she does not want me to look. She says she is fine. This usually comes on very fast. ... (15 replies)
... infarc dementia is very different from Alzheimers so meds are different. However, in the end stage they both look like the same patient. ... (8 replies)
... I used to manage a dementia specific nurisng home, we had a no restraints policy. so one was ever restrained no matter what. It can be done with good staff. It really is possible. ... (5 replies)
Signs of Dementia
Sep 27, 2005
... urine infections can really knock elderly people off their feet, so get a urine sample asap. You need to speak to a psychogeriatrician to get a diagnosis. ... (17 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 24, 2013
... My 90 year old mother has vascular dementia and is in a memory impairment AL. ... (7 replies)
... Kind of goes for any infection but many more times so for UTI, maybe because of the toxins. ... (17 replies)
... one that was bad enough to show up in the white cell count, my bet is that is the reason for the dramatic changes you noticed. Any time the elderly, especially dementia patients, show sudden bizarre changes my first thought is UTI!... and more times than not it is the right call. ... ... (13 replies)
Nov 30, 2011
... Hydration is a major problem with the elderly in general and can be even worse in a care facility setting. Our loved ones with dementia can not fix themselves something to drink or sometimes even ask for it. So it is up to the care staff to be sure that they drink adequate amounts. ... (7 replies)
Oct 5, 2011
... First of all, the catheter had resolved my FIL's problem last year in Apri/May/June. Because of temporary catheter, now he does not need permanent catheter. Not everyone gets bad infections and dies. This year, it is rare that my FIL got catherized. If he cannot pee for 24 hours, it is dangerous. They call the doctor for permission to catherize him also. He has taken... (23 replies)
Oct 5, 2011
... r use regularly but, especially in the elderly with compromised immune systems, it poses potential dangers. It is easier for a nurse to catheterize for a simple urine specimen than to wait for the patient to urinate, especially when it is an elderly dementia patient. I consider this an unnecessary use of a catheter. ... (23 replies)
... Chris... the Urinalysis is a starting point. It is obvious that she has some kind of infection and any sickness is amplified in the elderly dementia patient. Their ability to "bounce back" is compromised. I do hope she does bounce back well. ... (189 replies)
... rs. His progression was slow and directly related to vascular events. His first heart attack was in 1977, then another heart attack and 5 bypasses in l985, his dementia was diagnosed in 1999. Then another heart attack and stint in early 2002 and Afib in 2009. ... (189 replies)
... At the doctor's office, they'll do blood work to make sure that there isn't an infection of some kind that could be causing the symptoms that mimic Alz or dementia. they'll also do test on the urine to make sure its not a urinary infection. ... (2 replies)

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