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... drink water or juice. Hence no fluid intake no urine output. This has caused me some concern and after reading many opinions and papers I thought it could be an UTI so I took her to the doctor and she was negative for an UTI. ... (3 replies)
... Has she been tested for a UTI or other infection? ... (1 replies)
... Hi Deb, Good news, we have been discussing this and DH has agreed, if I can find a support group, he will go with me and possibly another of our friend's, whose mother also has AZ. Went to see MIL today, I feel strongly that her meds need re-adjusting. I see why the Dr. cut out the oxy, but she definitely needs something for instant anxiety, like the Xanex or clonazapam. The... (7 replies)

... ave her checked for a UTI... just in case... especially if she is having bouts of incontinence or not getting enough fluids. If the behavior changes suddenly, a UTI is many times the cause. Colds, flu, sinus infections, and other similar infections can cause the same type of problem. ... (7 replies)
Very Rapid Decline
Sep 14, 2014
... s do cause behavioral and physical problems. When the infection is treated quickly, the behavior and well being does usually improve, but not always. Mom had a UTI that literally knocked her off her feet. She was walking on Thursday, woke up Friday and only made it half way across the room. She had a UTI. ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Feb 1, 2013
... I personally don't think UTI affected my mood when I got them before. More about worrying but was not affected in the mood. ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 31, 2013
... Luau, a UTI can make anybody cranky and feel bad but the major cognitive effects seem to be limited to the elderly. I have seen a UTI have a negative effect on the cognition of elderly patients without dementia or in the very early states of MCI. ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 31, 2013
... I don't think that UTI testing could be used as an early detection highlighting tool. ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 31, 2013
... thank you for your personal experience, re absence of mental status change with UTI in a cognitively healthy person. This really sets me wondering. ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 31, 2013
... Can answer that one having experienced a couple of UTI's per year for a while after pelvic radiation. No effect on mental functions in my experience. My mother had dementia and as soon as there was any change in her demeanor there was an immediate test done for a UTI. Was considered a major mood changer in dementia patients and those living in a close proximity... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 31, 2013
... UTI, if I may. We all know that UTI can strikingly diminish cognition in people with dementia. Having never experience UTI myself, I am wondering how UTI might affect the mental functions of someone with normal brain functions. Does or can it make the person feel a big foggy, groggy, or what? ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 31, 2013
... I know that UTI can make the demented person feel terrible and angry. Also, at the same time, the dementia can get worse as well given a long time. ... (7 replies)
Test for UTI
Jan 24, 2013
... My 90 year old mother has vascular dementia and is in a memory impairment AL. She had a UTI about a year ago, which I had suspected, but was diagnosed when she was catheterized while in the hospital for another reason. ... (7 replies)
... Both. Mum was a gentle soul altz but at any hint of change a UTI check was done. ... (5 replies)
... Some of the antibiotics used to treat UTI can also produce confusion, drowsiness, etc. Cipro is particularly bad that way. ... (5 replies)
... three, to show marked signs of improvement after the antibiotics takes effect. You also have to have the right antibiotic to treat the specific bacteria or the UTI will usually reoccur... and sometimes it does anyway... so follow up test are needed to be sure it is gone and not just better. ... (5 replies)
... My FIL had UTI twice last year and one UTI this past May. But he had no extra confusion. Just usual Alzheimer's symptoms. He is quite serene with UTI given antibiotics. He does sleep more now and I think he slept all afternoon when he was on antibiotics for UTI. ... (5 replies)
... The confusion can come with otherwise healthy people. Depending on severity - how long the UTI has been untreated - it could take several days to clear. My mother had them frequently and she never had any form of dementia (though she was a "nutcase", she had been that way all her life - the world revolved around her and owed her anything she wanted - narcissistic,... (5 replies)
... I understand that UTI can exacerbate confusion and overall cognition. Can this also precipitate confusion in cognitively healthy individuals or those that r nomally asymtomatic? ... (5 replies)
Nov 30, 2011
... okay so the color is important, how about the smell of strong urine, is that also a clue? the other day when helping my mom I noticed a really strong smell to her urine, the nurse who was with me also stated the same thing, she never said anything about mom was not showing any signs of aggression. \Now that I think about it, could that have been a big clue... (7 replies)

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