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Hi all,

Due to the fact that I have Celiac Disease, I get my B12, iron, and Folacin checked on most annual doctor's check-ups. This time, my results came back, and the doctor told me that my hemoglobin was at 121 and my "stores" were at 5. I have always had low stores, but never THIS low (I've usually been borderline). What does this number indicate? How severe is this? I am starting to take my iron supplements again...but how should I go about doing this to get my levels back up again. Over the past 6 months, I have stopped eating most meat products, so that is probably why my tests came back so low. However, I can't stomach the taste of most meat products, now. Besides the supplements and eating meat, what are some good ways to get, and absorb, iron?

Also, I've been reading on here about having a sore mouth, and it being related to low B12. My other results came back normal, yet I have a sore, burning mouth from time to time. It usually lasts for a week or two at a time, and then it goes away, and then comes back. It feels puffy inside, although it's not.. and it hurts to eat and feels like there are sores inside my mouth. Everything is fine, now... but should I be worried when this happens? Again, my b12 results came back "normal", so perhaps I am reading too much into this. Just a thought, though.


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