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[QUOTE=Love2Read;3205084]The Dr. told me I was anemic. She said that my iron level was 11. I have no idea what that means. Is it low? very low? or REALLY low?? I can't find a chart to show the severity of it. She didn't seem overly concerned, so I'm thinking it's not that bad, but I don't know.

I meant to ask her, but we were going through so many things, that I forgot to go back to that. I'll ask her in a couple of weeks when I return for another visit, but for now I was hoping to get at least some answer.


I'm only guessing that it was your hemoglobin that was at 11 (they don't usually perform distinct iron tests until they know you have anemia). The bottom end of the "normal" range for women is to have a hemoglobin of "12". If you are at 11 that is anemic but not terribly so.

Your next step is to prove that it is for sure due to iron deficiency. Lack of B12 could also give you the same results. There are other things your doctor looks at to make sure that iron is the problem.

At this point, your doctor should run some additional tests to find the status of your iron stores (ferritin test) and should probably due a B12 test at a minimum.
I just wanted to second what Christine said.
Get your ferritin ( iron store) level tested- this will be done with a blood test.
Get your b-12 tested.
On the net read about anemia. If you have anemia it is serious and you should do something about. I didn't have anemia , but low ferritin. When your iron stores go you are on your way to anemia. So I had to rebuild iron stores , this took some time. Also doc want to rule out other causes of low ferritin like internal upper or lower gi bleeding.
And as Christine said some anemia may be b-12 related. I don't know anything about that because it wasn't relevant to my situation. I just saw it in passing when I read about iron deficiency anemia.
Good luck on this. Read about anemia so you know what to ask the doc for.

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