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how long will it take to feel better from anemia
[QUOTE=asoldiersgirl1;3268628]how long will it take to feel better from anemia[/QUOTE]

It's different for everyone, people are anemic for many different reasons. You need to fix the problem of WHY you are anemic first. Anemia is a SYMPTOM of something else (i.e., bloodloss/periods/GI problems) going on in your body, it is not a dis~ease. My doctor said it's like a bucket that has a hole in it, it won't fill up.

If you have fixed the problem or if it is a simple (rare) diet related issue, it should resolve in a couple of months of high iron supplements. It takes a while to build new blood cells.

For me, I resolved my anemia in 3 months from being DX'ed, but had to stop supplements because I was very ill from the iron. I went from 8.5 to 12.9. When I resumed iron therapy once again, it took me 2 more months to get from 10.9 to 12.9. All together with the back tracking it was a total of 8 months I was ill. I'm still working on the Ferritin (iron storage) that is now somewhere around 20. This can take up to a year to fill.

Have you had your Ferritin checked as well? Feel better! FLFLOWERGIRL:)
thank you so much...I have not had a ferrin test but will ask..thanks
I was also wondering if anyone had dizziness with their anemia? I find it is worse when I am hungry. I would ask my doctor but I can not get in for another two weeks.
It varies from person to person. I was excessively tired at a ferretin of 8 and had to lay down after eating breakfast as i had no energy to even change clothes, but not as tired in my teen's and 20's but still did feel tired and unmotivated. It took my levels a bit over a year to get from 8 to 29 and then they began dropping again.

After what i have found out about my situation i wouldn't solely focus on the ferretin levels and wouldn't solely blame the ferretin on tiredness. I ended up finding out the my thyroid had been thrown out of balance by very low iron levels as well as VERY low idodine and vitamin D and my zinc needs a bit of a lift too. It's sort of like a domino effect where one thing affects another. You can suffer tiredness from low iron, low vitamin D and an unhealthy thyroid.

If your iron is taking forever to build up you should find out why and whether it's due to a diet, medical or non absorbtion of vitamins/minerals related issue.

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