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... here are my recent lab results. mine normal range wbc - 5.2 4-10.8 rbc - 5.5 4-6.2 hgb - 17.0 12.8-17.8 hct - 50.4 38.4-53.4 mcv - 91.4 82.3-97.8 mch - 30.9 27.1-33 mchc- 33.8 32.1-36 (2 replies)
... Hello I've been dealing with anemia for years without doctors paying much attention to it or to the fact that my periods were always heavier than most. Until about 6 months ago that is. I find out my iron is a 7. Which the range is supposed to be between 11.5 and 13. We had upper and lower GI to rule out internal bleeding which I knew they would find none. Then in January my... (5 replies)
... but was not using inhalers before when it was at 11. RBC was normal at 4.2, hgb 8.7, hematocrit 28. RDW elevated but closer to normal and platelets at 600. ... (1 replies)

... iron per serving size and I usually have what appears to be 2 servings. So I've been trying. I don't have heavy periods either. They last for about 4 days and are moderate. Not super light and not heavy. ... (1 replies)
... Hello!!! Im new here and would like some help figuring out a situation I have had for a while. I have always been 'anemic'. Whenever, I get labs done my hgb, hct, MCV, MHC, MCHC are always low. And in order to deal with my anemia I always supplemented with iron. I just had a baby 3 months ago, and during my pregnancy I got very frustrated trying to understand my body. I came... (0 replies)
... Your HCT and HGB numbers look quite normal. I think you might be heading towards the beginning stages of anemia if you don't correct it now. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to this site. I just received lab results today and are as follows. I have been feeling horrible and irritated easily lately so requested my endo test my ferritin and iron along with the other labs. My ferritin is 2 (10-20), hgb 12.5 (11.7-15.5) hct 38.1 (35-45) iron 59 (50-170) b12 333 rbc 3.99 (3.8-5.1) rdw 15.5 (11-15). My endo has not yet contacted me. I am... (3 replies)
... I would definitely get your iron and ferritin levels checked. You could be iron deficient and have those symptoms and not be anemic. (4 replies)
... I am really very confused with my illness. I often feel sleepy and weak. But I've checked my blood and all the doctors say normal. I know I have thalassemia minor, but thalassemia minor where low MCV MCH is not a problem. It is the results of my blood test : WBC 8.48 RBC 6.66 (4 replies)
... Became anemic 2 years ago and was treated with oral iron for the better part of a year until an endoscopy was done and iron deposits were found in her stomach lining. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, just found this forum. Went in for a blood work prior to a physical. test results came back with low result. not super low, just below normal. Doctor thought the results were wierd enough for an iron test. Which came back normal. Some history, I weigh 205ish and have for about 8 months now. Ride a bike 7-10 hrs a week. resting heartrate of 45-50. get dizzy now... (1 replies)
... Okay, so I went to doctor to get some blood tests done for various STDs, and such. I've been under a lot of anxiety about possible STDs, right? So I have some tests done, including a thyroid test that came back 2.56, which I think is in normal range according to the (.5-5.5) next to it, besides it wasn't underlined like the stuff that showed irregularities. WBC:... (0 replies)
... I had my yearly physical and all blood work was normal, as usual. WBC 4.7, RBC 4.48, Hgb 13.4, Hct 40.3. However, the doc thought my Ferritin was low at 31 so she put me on iron supplements. ... (1 replies)
... omg, all my life I was an ice cube fanatic, I spent hours and hours eating ice cubes and were always looking for more I remember. :dizzy: back then, I didn't know this was an anemia symptom, I just love to bite those ice cube :jester: I spent more than 10 years eating ice cube (like 3 glasses full a day) on daily basis. I had use before some iron pills (2 daily maybe) and my... (6 replies)
... wks. She started a new hematologist who put her on Aranesk 50 microg. every 3 weeks. She only saw him every 2 months, the other times were with an RN. After 8 weeks she still needed 2 units of blood. ... (0 replies)
... I got my print out from my doctor and again here are the results ferritin 1.18 (13-150) retic 0.4 (0.5-1.5) wbc cnt 3.4 (4.5-11.2) hgb 8.4 (12.0-16.0) hct 28.9 (35-46) mcv 66 (80-99) mch 19.2 (26-33) mchc 29.1 (33-36) (3 replies)
May 14, 2009
... an hgb of 7.2, and hct of 23.7 is something that an "expert" would be better to handle. ... (1 replies)
Test Results
May 8, 2009
... I posted last week about my situation ( I didn't write down the reference levels but most are pretty obvious that they aren't in range: hgb=7.2 hct=23.7 Ferritin=1 iron binding=15 (no clue on this test) vit. D=still waiting on Thyroid tests: TSH=29.31 (3 replies)
New Test Results
Mar 19, 2009
... is the one they took off market a while back for problems, they went back to the lab and came up with the new version. Two infusion within 4 day period, I had a Hgb of 7,2, I think, was told to come back following Monday for third infusion, and they took blood, and it was uo to 9. ... (8 replies)
... ow they have to offer blood transfusion. I opted not to, instead having iron infisions. Had first last Friday, and second on Monday. My iron level was 1, and my hgb was 6.5. After first iron infusion my hgb was 7.2. I go back for next one on Monday. ... (7 replies)

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