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Hi I'm hoping someone with knowledge and experience can give me some insight or advice.

My 1 year old son was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia at his 12 mo dr appt.

I suspected he might have low iron at his 6 mo appt bc his nails were concave. I asked dr about it and he told me no not to worry. No testing was done at that time.

He was born 3.5 wks early and weighed 5 lbs 10 oz at birth. But i exclusively breastfed and he gained quickly and has been in the 90th percentile for weight since six months.

We have started on 2 ml of ferrous sulfate twice daily.

I am concerned about this bc he has NOT had an iron deficient diet. He has 5-7 servings of breastmilk, one serving of iron fortified oatmeal, and 1-2 servings each of veggies, fruit, meat and cheese daily.

His ferritin level was "<4" which must be the labs bottom threshold for results.
Hemoglobin 9.3
Hematocrit 31.5
WBC 5.6
Rbc 5.11
MCV 61.6
Mch 18.2
Mchc 29.6
Rdw 19
Platelets 492
Mpv 7.1

(I don't know what any of this means it's just all the results fro
The CBC)

I plan to have a follow up convo with the dr but if there's one thing I know, often the people dealing with medical issues daily have more and better insight in to what to do next than the docs

1) any thoughts on potential underlying cause??
2) do I need to worry about getting too much iron? How quickly can that happen?
3) dr wants to retest in 3 months. Should I request that to be sooner?
4) the ferrous sulfate is nasty. He will not just take it. So we are putting it in oj and sherbet. Not taking on an empty stomach really bc he just can't tolerate it. Any advice on that?
5) anything else I just didn't know to ask??

Thanks so much in advance! I need to watch out for my boy!

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