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Chronic Anemia?
Jul 26, 2017
... I can't advise you but I can give you some things to consider and think on that may help you. I am a 73 year old female. At about your age, I had anemia and took a course of iron and, to my knowledge, didn't have anemia again until last February. ... (1 replies)
... Hi I just saw this post for the first time since I'm new. I too have anemia and can't take iron pills. I have to go in for iron infusions. They don't make you sick to your stomach. ... (90 replies)
... Periods then menopause haha. Hope your iron is better..but if not, the infusions may be a good option. I am going to Gastro and most likely need a colonoscopy to determine source of bleeding. Too stressful worrying. ... (90 replies)

... n't know what's causing the anemia. I can tell you though that i am so darn tired all the time. Very low energy and occasionally lightheaded etc. I never knew anemia could absolutely wear you out!!!! Thankfully i work a desk job because i know i couldn't do much else. ... (90 replies)
... It was at a 15 last check. I will also ask about infusions once I get my other issue resolved. How often do you have to get your bloodwork done once all your levels are normal or will be you done at that point? ... (90 replies)
... Sunny Daisy, No problem. I hope some of this info was helpful. If you do decide to have the infusions, and you have any additional concerns or questions that I might be able to help answer, feel free to ask. I know I'm speaking from my experience, which isn't everyone's experience, but mine was positive and I know many are. I personally had no stomach issues with the iron... (90 replies)
... Yes, I also read about side effects prior to getting my infusions but I had none of them. I think they are very rare. ... (90 replies)
... They gave me Feraheme and it was no different than getting an IV, except it was brown. It took about 15 mins, and then a 30 min observation period. I didn't feel anything weird, other than a metallic taste in my mouth briefly. Honestly though, I was already dizzy and short of breath from the iron deficiency. I probably wouldn't have been able to tell if dizziness resulted from... (90 replies)
... How long did the infusions take? ... (90 replies)
... It was 12 something, can't remember the exact number. It'll continue to rise over the next few weeks, as will my ferritin (according to the hematologist). The ferritin will then decline to a more consistent number. Prior to the infusions, my hemoglobin was bouncing around 10-11 ish. After my c section, my hemoglobin was 8 something. So, while I had an improvement prior to the... (90 replies)
... I am surprised the hemoglobin only came up to a 12. What was it before the infusions? (90 replies)
... I feel so much better than last month at this time. Needless to say, I wrote a top notch online review for my dr. I just wanted to share how infusions can quickly boost your iron levels and overall health, in just one month. ... (90 replies)
... There are times when I feel pretty ok and some days like today when I'm short of breath and heart racing. I wonder why some doctors react differently too? Yours did an infusion right away and mine says my ferritin is within normal range. It gets frustrating because we trust them to do what's best for us. I am glad you are feeling better. How often do you have to get the... (90 replies)
... I think I may have confused u in previous posts. My hematologist actually wasn't recommending I do was something she mentioned about other patients that were severely anemic with very low hemoglobin. She just told me to wait until next lab results before I started an iron pill since I told her they make me really nauseous. She said the only thing that really... (90 replies)
... Ok. I just read back through your posts. There are a lot of posts from all of us in this thread! Anyway, your hematologist did offer the infusions, which sparked my initial reply. I know there is a risk of reaction, but it's so small and they will watch you like a hawk, with epi-pen and Benadryl ready, unless they pre-medicate- although they still watch you like a hawk and... (90 replies)
... I am seeing a hematologist, bc my gp didn't seem too concerned, but like I said, I felt like I wasn't going to make it much longer. Can you get in to see a hematologist? I'm certain they will be willing to help you with such a low ferritin. I learned that hair loss will continue until ferritin is well above 50. I was having such terrible symptoms and my gp ran all sorts of... (90 replies)
... I have had a ferritin level 22 or below for years. Currently at 15. Every single Dr I have talked to over the years says it's within normal range. Range is 10 to 291 or something like that. I was convinced that is what was causing all my hair loss and shortness of breath etc. Even my current doc did not seem concerned. What did your doctor say about your low ferritin... (90 replies)
... I would consider the infusions. I had a ferritin of 27 and completed two infusions last month and it has changed my life. I am four months postpartum and lost too much blood since delivery that oral iron couldn't help. ... (90 replies)
... Be aware that while some cereals are iron fortified, when you add milk to them, you do not absorb the iron. Calcium prevents it according to what I've read. As to infusions, those are reserved to people who have pretty serious conditions or simply can not take iron in any other form. (90 replies)
... I agree with you guys on the infusions. It would have to be the last resort or close to it. The side effects are not too pleasant. But a lot of people do rave they feel a lot better but it takes a couple weeks. I guess for the iron to rebuild the blood. Since finding out about my low iron, I have been eating a lot more iron foods. I buy the instant cream of wheat and eat... (90 replies)

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