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... I am diagnosed with severe RLS, and it goes right along with my Stage 4 Kidney Disease, which leads to anemia. They are all connected. Keep your iron up, and avoid the RLS...;) (10 replies)
... For several weeks now in addition to being extremely fatigued, my legs have been achy below my knees. The aches do not concentrate in one spot but migrate. In the last couple of weeks, I started having aches in my arms, too. ... (10 replies)
... weeks of constant aches and extreeeeme fatigue. I have been taking iron for 2 weeks now. Maybe it is starting to kick in now. ... (10 replies)

... First, check with your doctor to rule out deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or other circulatory issues. Second, to answer your question, yes, iron defiency can cause Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). According to the Neurologist I see for sleep deprivation, RLS and chronic anemia. If your serum ferritin level drops below 50, it can cause RLS. And I can speak from experience, it... (10 replies)
... pins and needles in one of my arms and even started having pretty severe chest pains, along with many of the other usual symptoms of iron deficiency. When I had leg aches I would wrap heating pads around them so I could sleep. Maybe you could try that. ... (1 replies)
... hi when i started taking iron, i also had lots of pain in my legs ,shooting pains ,also developed restless leg,the leg pain went in a couple of weeks,hope this helps shirley:) (10 replies)
... Shirley, Yes, it is due to blood loss. I have fibroids, too. I will keep taking iron... (10 replies)
... hi i had lots of symptoms face numbness twiching,ear pressure,restless leg,body jurks,spaced out feeling ,and a lot more my ferretin was 12,they put my ear pressure down to ear drum being sucked in ,my face numbness down to ,silent migrain,it took me a long time to get ferretin up ,2 years due to bleeding from fibroids i had the face numbness untill ferretin got up to 56,then... (10 replies)
... an one specialist in my case... If you're not working closely with one, I suggest you get one. Also, I think you should be working with a hematologist for your anemia problems. These specialists in my little world are all working together as a team right now to help me. ... (25 replies)
... Hello, I am a 20 yr old female who is extremely confused about the cause of my hypochromic microcytic anemia and the test results I have gotten back thus far, I am hoping someone has had a similar experience and can help. ... (0 replies)
... I also get the leg aches and am SO fatigued! And also lately I have been so dizzy! ... (4 replies)
... Thanks Marimac Since I have been on B12 & folic (also thyroxine & Oestrogen), I do not get RLS anymore, which is amazing after years of having them. These past 18 months have been a trying and just when I thought I was getting better, now I am having a slightly different set of symptoms than when I was suffering from megablastic anemia. Then it was total fatigue &... (3 replies)
... Also check with a neurologist. I have facial numbness, body jerks, fatigue, etc. and it's from neurological lyme disease. there are a lot of things out there which can cause your symptoms. (10 replies)
... haven't had your vit d level checked it is a hugely important thing to do. My vit d was way low a 19, that was terrible. Vit d deficiency can also cause alot of aches and pains . You may want to check out the vitamin d council on the net. ... (57 replies)
... panic attacks and dry eye syndrome, restless leg and so on. ... (12 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your pains. From what I have been reading, it is a constant struggle with anemia but a lot of people do get better over time. ... (7 replies)
Always a symptom
Feb 9, 2010
... Severe leg cramps every night. Foggy head that comes and goes. Memory loss and loss of words as I am having a conversation. Tired all the time. ... (1 replies)
... Does anyone else have only low iron saturation (aka low transferrin saturation)? It is the only value I have out of range. Mine is 11% (range 15-50%). My serum iron is 43 (range 28 - 170). TIBC (transferrin) is in the high end of normal (a year ago it was above normal.) Ferritin is in the low end of normal. So everything seems to fit the classic iron deficiency... (8 replies)
... of benadryl in the line. My hand was still swelling. Then I had put my feet on the floor for a bit and realized my left foot was burning and pulled up my pant leg and my leg was red and swollen. Pulled off my sock and my foot was red and purple. ... (0 replies)
... I'm currently taking Feosol (Carbonyl Iron) @ 45mg per day, as per my doctor's intructions. Given that my ferritin level is 5 and my iron is low (both have been low for some time), should I be on a higher dose of iron? It seems low to me, and my numbers haven't improved in some time. My symptoms are horrible right now. Brain fog, painfully fatigued, brittle/shedding hair,... (6 replies)

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