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... I find it interesting that in spite of better iron numbers, most of my anemia markers worsened slightly. My ferritin still seems low, so I'm wondering if the markers will improve once my ferritin gets higher. ... (5 replies)
... I don't really know the answer to your question but I know in my case for a TKR I had to wait several months until all things were ready and one was the anemia numbers had to be better. ... (4 replies)
... Hi . I was diagnosed with anemia last year. I was told because of the low numbers, I would have to go through several tests to determine the cause of the anemia. ... (5 replies)

Aug 14, 2017
... My dr said that the numbers are OK and I don't need anything. I do have heavy cycles past months and I feel tired. I want to supplement myself with iron. Any advice about dose? ... (6 replies)
Aug 13, 2017
... If i had these numbers I would take an iron supplement because your ferritin could be higher. It should be in the 50 to 100 range. ... (6 replies)
... The point is, my blood is rebuilding. I have IBS and I think it tends to cause anemia in some people. But my main problem is I simply have trouble absorbing iron. ... (90 replies)
... Oh that's great!!! Your numbers are greatly improved. I imagine 9 was pretty bad and you were very tired! I was 11.1 at diagnosis and 12 at last check. ... (90 replies)
... was 11.5 and normal at my lab is 11.6. Of course that's low normal. That was in March so I expect it's normal now. It was 9 before so I'm pleased. All the other numbers are normal. HCT is 36.9, low normal but normal and it was low.The RDW is still high and MCHC low but the doctor was not concerned. ... (90 replies)
... ng better soon. Yes, I think it would be a good idea to talk with your hematologist about all this. I go back in 3 months, so June, for a follow up. Hopefully my numbers will still be strong, and hopefully yours will soon be strong, too! ... (90 replies)
... Most doctors including mine, is really only interested in your hemaglobin level, as the majority of your iron is found in hemaglobin. If those numbers are normal, than they say your not anemic and everything is roses. ... (90 replies)
... I think I may have confused u in previous posts. My hematologist actually wasn't recommending I do was something she mentioned about other patients that were severely anemic with very low hemoglobin. She just told me to wait until next lab results before I started an iron pill since I told her they make me really nauseous. She said the only thing that really... (90 replies)
... Sunny, I really don't know why she said it's not from my cycle. She ran so much bloodwork that she was looking at several different numbers when she told me that. But I agree with you. If you have heavy period days for years without restoring the iron, then I guess you could get anemia. ... (90 replies)
... I would suggest you at least try iron. If the iron brings your numbers into the normal range, you should have peace of mind knowing it is a diet deficiency. My numbers came up in less than two months. I may have mentioned that. Can't remember so sorry if I'm repeating myself. ... (90 replies)
... Well, a bit over a month into it and my hemoglobin is just a hair shy of low normal. Came up two points. So that's great. All my other numbers are good, including platelets, that were high before. Now quite normal. ... (90 replies)
... n't take anymore than I already take. I am not sure why she put my on the max dose of folic acid but i figured i better try it. Hopefully you are right and the anemia will improve once my folic acid numbers improve. I am sorry you have such a tough time with Iron. How long do you have to take it? ... (90 replies)
... ather wait as i know that iron usually causes worse side effects for me. It makes me very nauseous and stomach upset. But i may have to take it depending on my numbers next time. When you were diagnosed, what was your hemoglobin? ... (90 replies)
... I have had anemia since 2011. ... (4 replies)
Anemia Remedy
Jul 23, 2016
... That's what the insurance covered. Anyway, the doc was amazed when my numbers came back and in two weeks I went from 6.3 to an 8.5! ... (1 replies)
... on Monday and I got some of my results online through a portal my insurance uses. I have had a call from the doctor but I didn't know if anyone had these type of numbers and we're just put on iron pills? ... (0 replies)
... My levels are as follows: TIBC: 459 normal (250-450 UIBC: 447 normal (150-375) IRON SERUM: 10 normal (35-155) IRON SATURATION: 3% normal (15-55%) FERRITIN SERUM: 5 normal (15-150) VITAMIN B12: 209 normal (211-946) WBC: 5.8 normal (3.4-10.8) RBC: 4.14 normal ( 3.77-5.28) HEMOGLOBIN: 7 normal (11.1-15.9) (1 replies)

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