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... does anyone else crave anything else besides ice? i crave ice too, but also dirt, sand, anything that would crunch in between my teeth. does anyone crave anything that is considered "totally weird"? you know things people would never think to eat, but im not talking about gross things just weird things you know. cause i have one craving that would be considered really weird. i... (25 replies)
Oct 24, 2006
... pretty much okay now. I have been extremely tired lately, anxiety has gotten worse, the fingers in my right hand will twitch, anxious, hard to sleep at night, my teeth are very senstive, dont know if it was from throwing up while I was having stomach problems or what. ... (2 replies)
... hey anah, I haven't tried this yet, but I probly will. I would like to know as well if this will help, so maybe someone will reply with some 1st hand experiance. I am taking the liquid iron... I thought it was non heme.. anyway it is all plant based.. it is slighty staining my teeth..not black at all.. but It is working and there are no side effects the staining will... (9 replies)

... darken your teeth, but I'm assuming if you take it in pure liquid form, if it is in a gelatin capsule that you swallow, it shouldn't blacken your teeth should it? ... (9 replies)
Ice and Anemia
Sep 26, 2006
... Hi, I use to have a cup of ice all the time. The only time I stopped chewing ice was a few weeks afer getting the IV iron. My hubby just thought I was nuts. My dentist just said that it would do damage to the teeth. I had been chewing ice for almost two years. I told my family doctor about it, but did not seemed concerned. It was not until I finally had to go to a hematologist... (4 replies)
... To the person who asked why anemia makes us crave ice, I don't think they know. It's just water, especially if you're drinking bottled distilled water, as I do. ... (23 replies)
... Hey I eat ice like its going out of style my Dr said it was because of my anemia. I have metal teeth thanks to a softball so i can handle the crunching my friends just hate the sound of it though. ... (23 replies)
... thanks for the replies. Yes, I know it's bad for my teeth LOL. I can't seem to stop though. it has gotten better after the B12 injection but still not cured. ... (23 replies)
... I also have a chronic iron deficiency, but because I have very sensitive teeth, I only crave shaved ice such as what you would get in a slushy or Italian Ice treat. But the crunchies still occur in the form of pretzels salted or not, doesn't matter, or peanuts, or the fake fat fried potato chips, (don't like taste of real oil any more, it all tastes stale)My theory is that in... (23 replies)
... Hi MandyvPandy I can certainly relate to your ice cravings. I used to rate restaurants by what kind of ice they had - I always preferred the smaller cubes that I could chomp on easier and I knew which restaurants had them! My husband would eat a bowl of potato chips and I would eat ice. When I found out that I had low hemoglobin and iron counts I was sent to a... (23 replies)
... hemoglobin which was only a 5!!!!! after being in the hospital for a day she was sent home on the awful iron drops... she got use ot them but they did make here teeth gray for a while... I was told to cut way back on her milk intake? ... (1 replies)
... Actually, in anemia, the gums will often start to be tender and swollen and bleed more when brushing your teeth despite adequate hygiene. As for complexion color if you are Caucasian, your skin will become waxy, lemony colored. ... (6 replies)
Teeth problem?
Dec 7, 2004
... If your body is unable to absorb the b-12 it may also be having a hard time with calcium. The tooth problems may reflect a problem with folic acid as well which is needed along with b-12. Anemia is of course a symptom of another disease, but not the disease itself. You may want your doctor to help you locate the basic problem with your anemia. Swollen gums are a symptom of a... (3 replies)
Teeth problem?
Dec 6, 2004
... I was just wondering has anyone had any symptoms of weakening teeth or tooth decay because of the anemia? ... (3 replies)
... I'm at a loss. Most days it's too hard to even hold up my phone to text, brush my teeth without my muscles aching, and even typing this post has taken a lot out of me. ... (0 replies)
... severe anemia and told to come back in for blood work for iron. ... (1 replies)
... oz cups of ice a day! I could NOT imagine my life without it. My teeth started breaking left and right and it was becoming a serious problem. ... (4 replies)
... This Healthboard has been so helpful to me. I've not visited the Anemia board in years and I'm glad to see that there is so much good information. I've had problems with "anemia" for many years. ... (0 replies)
... I must have been grinding my teeth in my sleep because under my tongue hurts a touch with like, nerve spasms or something under there. Oh wait, i'm grinding my teeth RIGHT NOW. hahah , I do so many things without even realizing. Then I think all the pains are from my heart. ... (12 replies)
... ally STARVING for oxygen, every cell, organ, tissue. Starving, including our brains. So in my own opinion I think that is where all the psychological issues with anemia come from. It sucks. Having xanex is probably a good thing. ... (12 replies)

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