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... aware if things are getting worse. At the time of my anemia crisis, I'd had GERD for 5 yrs. ... (4 replies)
... Do you have anemia and are you on supplement for that? ... (4 replies)
... Does anyone know if pain to back of neck is related to Anemia..? (4 replies)

... There's also the CRP (C-reactive protein) test which reveals inflammation issues. (5 replies)
... Have you had the hiatal hernia dealt with, and regarding ulcers, have you been chacked for h. Pylori? Stool sampling could be done as well. It's possible blood pressure or heart issues is connected with the pulsating feeling in your ears. Since you are weak and it's not improving, please let your doctor know and push for forther testing to be done. Please keep us... (4 replies)
... b12 deficiency can be a problem after gastric bypass and can lead to anemia. I would ask your doctor if supplementing b12 orally or by injection might be helpful for you. (2 replies)
... I am 50 year old female w history of chronic anemia due to malabsorption from gastric bypass surgery in 2005. I just got tested last Friday my level is,7.5.. ... (2 replies)
... I suffer from bleading ulcers and a large hiatus hernia for which I take 322ferrous fume rate twice daily and 20mg Omeprazole twice daily which seems to keep me on track but due to a virus I have not been eating and I think my blood is down as I am tired and jelly legged, I also have this pain in the back of my neck which comes and goes, just wondered if it was connected like... (4 replies)
... Hi. I am sorry but the best advice anyone can give you is to go to the doctors. There are so many reasons why you might have no energy- anemia is probably last on the list. You should really have a blood test, they can then check your iron levels (anemia) along with everything alone will not change anything. Sorry! (1 replies)
... I think I have the anemia condition. I want to know what kind of things would be good to eat to help with this condition. I don't really like having no energy because of it. ... (1 replies)
Dec 21, 2017
... Lucky that you can run your own tests without a doctor. I assume by a long time taking Omeprazole is anywhere more than 3-5 years. I only have taken it off and on for 2, so maybe only a total of a year but I also have iron saturation of 15%, serum iron 48, ferritin 70-80. However since having heartburn/ulcers I have had shortness of breath, and exerise intolerance. If I do... (1 replies)
... Yes, the liquid Floridex that has been mentioned is very gentle on the tummy. Tess (5 replies)
... Hi Tess. I have seen a hematologist already. She recommended I have those tests. Since they showed no abnormalities, the doctor doesnt know what the issue is. She prescribed iron but I am afraid to take it. Even one a day with iron vitamins make me nauseous. Are there any otc iron pills that would be gentle on the stomach? (5 replies)
... If you're anemic it is either from losing blood or not making it sufficiently. There are specific blood tests that can determine if your body is not making blood. You could also see a hemetologist, a blood specialist. I also take the liquid Floridex that the previous poster mentioned. It is a good product, especially absorbable because it is in liquid form. Best with... (5 replies)
... Hi, Tired, I have a similar situation. My dr. told me I probably just don't absorb iron well. Am taking Floradix with vitamin C and eating iron (!!!) more than once a week. Just read on here about success using lysine with vit. C and iron and I'm going to try that too. So tired of being tired. (5 replies)
Elevated RDW
Nov 9, 2017
... I had two blood tests about a month and a half ago and was told by the doctor that my counts are "consistent with iron-deficiency anemia". I was told to take iron supplements for a month, then have another blood test (and to continue taking iron for two months after that). I have been taking iron supplements for a little over a month and just got the results from the latest... (0 replies)
... My 16 yr old daughter has headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, weak, tired, body aches, shortness of breath, insomnia, and even some nausea and loss of appetite (she hasn't lost weight). She started with headaches after bumping her head and was treated for a concussion. The neurologist thinks her headaches are a result of something else and has referred her back... (1 replies)
... I was told that I have a 10... I have no idea what that means. I got labs done and then my primary care doctor put me on iron pills twice a day everyday. She diagnosed me as IDA and I know previously my mother also had anemia for 12+ years. My doctor said I had extremely low levels of iron but what is a normal amount? (0 replies)
... She said I have no anemia because my CBC is normal, hemoglobin normal. Thats true but can't I still be iron deficient? ... (1 replies)
... I have anemia as well, so I have to take iron supplements too. ... (1 replies)

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