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... mg iron per day in about 3 divided doses. Better if you take it empty stomach about an hour before eating with vitamin c as it helps in absorbing. I take 54mg iron with 1000 mg vitamin c three times a day. ... (2 replies)
... my iron level is two and hence I am very anemic how much iron should I take a day (3 replies)
... Hey all! I know there are a million of these threads, and I feel like I've read a million, but Im desperate for some knowledge and wisdom, seeing as how the ridiculous amount of doctors I've been to have been ZERO help. I had my son in 2011 and was told I was borderline anemic. ... (1 replies)

... hi, im anemic... id lke to know how much iron you need to supliment to make a difference... and how do i get this, what do peopel recommend as the best supliments? ... (28 replies)
... I only want to tell you from my experience and not try to tell you what is best for you. Your numbers are pretty low. In fact, your iron and hemoglobin, if I read those right, are lower than what mine currently are. ... (2 replies)
... u are fortunate they discovered you are Celiac. Mostly i've heard you need to be off gluten for 6 months. Someone i know has just done her 6 months and she was anemic pretty much most of her life. Now, with iron supplements, her ferritin is 110. ... (1 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with iron deficiency but my doctor said that I was not actually anemic, just deficient. ... (2 replies)
... Please don't worry about this. Yes too much iron can accumulate, but it normally takes years and an abnormality with excess absorption. Too much is made of this and gets everyone overly concerned. You can get a ferritin level done if you want to know how much stored iron you have. ... (1 replies)
... Welcome to the boards. I am very sorry you are going through this. When you are severely anemic and taking iron daily it's a good idea to have your numbers checked monthly for a little while, just to see where you are and if things are improving. ... (2 replies)
... sure about those numbers as I can't find my reference I used to use to look up the numbers. You should ask for a ferritin test as that is the truest indicator of how much iron is stored in your blood. ... (1 replies)
... When I asked how much iron I should be taking he said talk to your GP. But the GP was the one that said my iron was fine. I'm a bit lost on how much I need and don't feel like my DR will be helpful. Can anyone help guide me to the right amount of iron I should take? ... (3 replies)
... Low iron and Anemia go hand in hand. Anemia is what happens after your iron becomes low. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, you are iron deficiency without anemia at this point in time. ... (3 replies)
... If you are not anemic or low in iron the DV that is recommended is 10-15mgs. (1 replies)
... Your doc is right, you are NOT anemic at this point. ... (10 replies)
... For whatever reason, you have an issue with your iron stores. ... (11 replies)
Iron Levels
Apr 1, 2008
... The serum iron is the iron in circulation at the time of the test. ... (1 replies)
... A lowered hgb would require iron supplementation before anemia sets in. Anything under 12 is considered to be mildly anemic. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you Zak for replying, I'll keep that in mind. (2 replies)
... hypochromic anemia. I've been having a real hard time breathing, which, as you all know, is kind of important. Does anybody have the same thing I do and if so how much iron should I take per day and for how long so I can start to feeling better? ... (2 replies)

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