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... I would always get paper copies of any lab work I have done if I were you and keep them, if you don't already, so you can refer back to them in the future. I do. ... (57 replies)
... Thanks for ur reply herekittykitty. Actually after taking thyronorm 50 mcg for a month , my TSH levels are now 3.2 and the lab range is 0. ... (13 replies)
... You say your test results for TSH are "normal" now. Can you post what your TSH is and the lab range. Hair loss is a sign of hypothyroidism. Did you have a Free T3 and Free T4 and thyroid antibodies tested? ... (13 replies)

New Lab Results
Aug 15, 2009
... Did the doctor actually give you your own copy of your lab reports? ... (1 replies)
... lab range 0. ... (9 replies)
New lab work
Jan 21, 2009
... upplement, but as your situation stands i'm surprised they aren't simply giving you iron infusions or injections at the very least. It's good you are taking the B12 shots as you are very low there. B12 and Vit D need to be up at the higher end of the lab range. ... (7 replies)
... doctor's have always said the B12 was normal and no treatment was necessary. ... (2 replies)
Elevated B12
Jul 22, 2008
... talbet0709--I would stop taking the B-12 and retest in 3 months to see where you are at. I would try to keep your B-12 at the top of your lab range 900-1100. Maybe just take it a couple of days a week after it is lowered. It may be falsely elevated if you were taking supplements at the time of testing. If you are on supplements and have high numbers I would not worry about... (1 replies)
... Is there an upper range for serum folate? ... (11 replies)
... I know that Christine chimed in about her sublingual b 12 from the health food store that comes in a dropper. I am taking a product that is a b complex incl. b12 that also comes from the health food store that is a tablet that dissolves under the tongue so I guess there are different types of sublingual. ... (57 replies)
... Yes maybe alot is due to low ferritin , b12 and possibly vit d. I think other's will say your docs view on the ferritin is bizarre! Ferritin is to me like the gas tank level, anemia is like out of gas. ... (57 replies)
... erritin was 38 , so for sure I think your doc should get you started on iron supplements and then monitor your levels till you get in a good range. What the good range is seems to be subject to interpretation but I think 70 from my reading seems to be a threshold for real improvement. ... (57 replies)
Pernicious Anemia?
Aug 23, 2017
... My B12 levels have been low for a while. When supplementing pills they go up only slightly, but with injections they become normal to high. ... (0 replies)
... Wow - I think I've found my twin. My lab results are very similar to yours and I have the same symptoms as you, so I'm looking forward to seeing a reply regarding the possible causes of low RBC, low WBC, low hemoglobin, low hematacrit - yet iron, B12, ferritin, folate, transferrin levels all are normal (never heard of most of this stuff). I was also checked for Celiac and... (3 replies)
... is on low end of range and should be supplemented. ... (3 replies)
... I've been supplementing to get my ferritin up and it is looking good but not sure about B12? Here are results below: Current Results Iron Level 84 TIBC (ug/dL) 273 Transferrin (mg/dL) 195 Transferrin Saluration (%) 31 Ferritin (ng/mL) 122 (1 replies)
... Most PCPs don't understand gastric bypass patients needs. The lab ranges are wrong for us, ours needs to be over 1000. Why? ... (4 replies)
... Your B12 and Vitamin D is REALLY bad. The B12 is flirting with permanent nerve damage. ... (5 replies)
... Had my gall bladder out in May. Been losing hair since February. Really tired. Lab results are: Iron, total: 35 Iron Binding Capacity: 424 % saturation: 8 Ferritin: 9 MCV: 79.7 MCH: 26.5 RDW: 17.1 (2 replies)
... e to gluten and that this may inhibit the body from absorbing nutrients. I thought that I could try eliminating gluten for a period of time and check whether my B12 and Ferritin levels are higher then. ... (3 replies)

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