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... On May 31st, I had iron labs and CBC run. They showed iron deficiency and anemia. B12 and folate were also checked, and they were normal. ... (5 replies)
... and my numbers are rising only slowly. ... (4 replies)
... Oddly enough, my B12 numbers were fine. ... (4 replies)

... I am a little confused. Your B12 and Folate levels are high but then you imply that you are taking B12 and Folate supplements. If you are taking these supplements how long have you been taking them and in what dose? ... (4 replies)
... hi Steph...I just want to chime in here if I may....I was DX with a hidden B12 deficiency in March 2000... ... (22 replies)
... You need to take the iron, because when your body is replenishing the B12 stores, it draws from the ferritin. That's probably why so many people get their B12 numbers in the correct range and still feel tired. You have to keep everything in balance. ... (48 replies)
... inally getting the right answers and treatment. I am on injections for life and have been doing them every two weeks now for a year and a half. At my worst the B12 numbers were in the upper 200 range currently I am at about 800. ... (2 replies)
Anaemia (B12)
Aug 25, 2007
... Getting your B12 numbers up will slowly help. Your body needs allot of time to heal so rest is very important. The only things that worked for me was allot of sleep and eating well. ... (11 replies)
... Don't mess around with the low B12 numbers!!! ... (11 replies)
... Thank you VERY much for your story. My B12 numbers are going up with treatment, I just found out, and I'm not anemic for the first time in years. Your comments on memory are encouraging ... ... (7 replies)
... My mom's current B12 level is 37. ... (5 replies)
... How long does it take for the supplements to start upping the B12 and Ferritin levels? ... (8 replies)
... Agree with lady. I was 340 and my Dr. put me on b12. I took sublinguals for a month and my b12 went back up to 800 ish, in just a month. Wasn't to hard to raise, the iron I take now has b12 in it and I'm also using a super complex. ... (8 replies)
Low B12
Mar 24, 2013
... I had low B12 as well. I haven't had my numbers checked in a while but I ended up using the sublingual cyan and my numbers went from around 240 to 800 in a month...I almost couldn't believe it and we tested twice to make sure the numbers were correct. ... (1 replies)
My numbers
Nov 13, 2012
... Well after waiting 2 months to get labs done my Dr has proved to me again that either he sucks or the lab does. The first draws they only ordered hematocrit and the second time I went back only Vitamin D and Ferritin. Getting so irritated with this. I should have just went to a hematologist. I will be getting blood draws AGAIN this week, hopefully they get it right. So after... (1 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... polar with anxiety now. I laugh, well I wasn't before. I guarantee without a doubt anemia and even low b12 cause some major major psychological issues. I won't even listen to anyone that tries to tell me otherwise. ... (29 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... I would have them check just to be sure. They aren't to expensive. Like I said, my hematocrit and hemoglobin are normal and I'm still suffering with low numbers. (29 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... normal hematocrit and hemoglobin, so not all Dr's are the same, I'm very sorry the Dr. you saw did not take you serious. I'm curious what your iron and ferritin numbers are. I'm still taking large doses of iron as well. ... (29 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... I know some people like the Cyanocobalamin or the Hydroxycobalamin but I read the the Methylcobalamin is the purest form of the three and is very much like the b12 that exists in your body...just a preference I think.... ... (29 replies)
B12 Deficiency?
Sep 15, 2012
... You don't have to have anemia to be b12 deficient. Second of all I had all your same symptoms, and still have most of them and my B12 went from 340 to over 800 in about a month. People that say only the methylcobalamin work, wrong. ... (29 replies)

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