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... Being that your ferritin is unacceptably low, I would assume your iron deficiency is to blame for the numbers, although you may also have a folate or b12 deficiency also. You could have more than one deficiency. I would ask for these to be checked, although it won't harm you to take folic acid and b12 anyway. ... (1 replies)
... WBCs, Thyroid, B12, and HgA1C all looked good. From what I've read, it seems that I may have iron deficiency, but because the hemoglobin and hematocrit are within normal limits it is not classified as anemia. ... (1 replies)
... Iam sorry but this is incorrect information here you state that B12 deficiency is clearly not her problem......Incorrect there is no B12 or HCY or UMMA results so I dont know how you can say that...... ... (24 replies)

... not totally siding with your doctor, but if you look at the values you gave for your bloodwork, and you have some medical training, it's easy to see that vitamin B12 deficiency is not your problem. ... (24 replies)
... To Answer your question about the differences between iron deficiecy anemia and B-12 anemia: There is really no difference in the symptoms which is what your doctor was trying to tell you. However, the reasons are more complicated as to what makes each one. Hemolytic anemia is caused by the red blood cells being destroyed sooner than they are supposed to be and putting too... (17 replies)
... good question! I am anemic as well in b12. I am curious to see wh :eek: at your responses are, sorry I couln't help. Jodi (17 replies)
... What is the difference between needing iron and needing B12? ... (17 replies)
... IBC stands for Iron Binding Capacity. That is the ability of the iron to be attached to the cell and be transported to where it should go. Generally, the Iron binding capacity is increased in proportion to the anemia. The higher the binding rate the lower the iron levels are. ... (17 replies)
... I am not really having any side effects from the iron--I don't think. I believe the dizziness, weakness, be from the anemia, or at least from what I have read that is what I have been led to believe. What kinds of questions do you think I need to ask the dr. based on what I have shared with you? Should I ask him about testing for PA, or anything else? I am... (17 replies)
... Ferritin is a protein that is tied to the amount of iron stores in your body. ... (3 replies)
... I really think my low iron is due to my period difficulties. A year ago, I hemorrhaged, was put in the hospital due to dehydration and lost three units of blood. ... (17 replies)
... is. With industry trying to make a buck, there have been some bogus precriptions out there where the quality of the medication has been inconsistent. As for the iron problems, have the doctor to evaluate the type of iron you are taking as to whether is the right kind for you. There are many forms of iron on the market. ... (17 replies)
... I just don't know what my next step should be. I am taking almost 1000 mg. iron daily and have been for one month. I have felt weak, dizzy, shaky, and nauseous. It is driving me crazy, but it sounds like how most people feel who post here! ... (17 replies)
... The only difference between iron deficiency anemia and any other anemia is what size the red blood cells are and whether there are too many insufficiently functioning red blood cells or whether there are just too few that are basically well formed but not enough off to do the job. The differences merely suggest the type of treatment but the symptoms are basically the same with... (17 replies)
... **** My own recent Diagnosis as of Thursday was pernicious anemia. I have the tingle in my left arm numbness all the way down to my finger tips. I just took my first shot on Thursday and for the next 4 weeks every Thurs then injecting them myself for the rest of my life. If you dont mind can I ask you some questions? How long did the injection take before you notice a... (17 replies)
... Pernicious anemia in latin means "violent death" as it once was before the invention of the B12 injectable. My grandmother died of PA as it was before the injection was introduced. ... (17 replies)
... From what I've read....a B12 anemia is somewhat more anemia is the 'final' symptom. And there's generally a bunch of other symptoms that accompany it. ... (17 replies)
... Is there a difference between being iron deficient and anemic? ... (17 replies)
... and Average amount of actual iron available inside each blood cell. ... (17 replies)
... ife. However, a couple months ago I started feeling really bad. My regular dr. referred me to a hematologist, who did bloodwork and sent me a copy saying I was iron deficient. I don't have the tests before me, but my IBC was normal, my ferritin level was 4, and hemoglobin was either 9 or 10. ... (17 replies)

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