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Possible anemia?
Oct 31, 2013
... I can only answer with an educated guess, not from experience. It seems reasonable that low ferritin and borderline anemia would slow recovery from exercise because the hemoglobin carries oxygen to the muscle. ... (9 replies)
... yes both of these can be associated with anemia. Your hemoglobin rate is only borderline anemia though so it could be something else as well. What is your blood pressure like? ... (2 replies)
... Did they do further tests to be sure it is iron deficiency anemia. There are many types of anemia--most likely it is iron deficiency in her case. I think it is important to have the iron tests done (ferritin) just to see how bad off you really are. Taking pills is definitely a pain. I have to take a Synthroid every morning and it took me YEARS to get to a point where I... (2 replies)

... Hi! Back in November I took my daughter to the doctor because she tends to nap a lot and I was worried - she also has heavier periods - she's 16. Anyway, they suspected she was anemic, and the blood tests came back "borderline anemic" - we were told for her to take iron 2 times a day and come back in 2 months to get her blood work done to see where she was at with it - I... (2 replies)
Sep 15, 2006
... I am so stressed over the fact that I was diagnosed with borderline anemia about a year And a half ago. I had a colonoscopy to rule out that that was the cause of the anemia. Colonoscopy was ok. Mild diverticulosis. ... (5 replies)
... My 16-year old son has had constant lightheadedness, weakness, fatigue, and intermittent nausea for the last eight weeks. He had been a varsity wrestler who worked out three hours per day - now he can barely handle a couple of hours a day at school. His nutrition during wrestling season was not good and he was probably somewhat dehydrated. We have been giving him lots of... (3 replies)
Mild anemia
May 16, 2005
... Vitamin B12 has helped my borderline anemia. My fingernails have regained their pink color. I wonder though how much is the correct dose of B12 to take when you are borderline anemic. ... (17 replies)
Mild anemia
May 15, 2005
... I too was diagnosed with mild anemia a few months ago. I am 51 and perimenopausal. From what you wrote, you take pretty good care of yourself. ... (17 replies)
Mild anemia
May 2, 2005
... I know how you feel.....when i had my blood checked a few months back my dr. told me i was borderline anemia. I have already had a colonoscopy and all was well....She did take a stool sample and it came back fine. She thought it was from heavy periods . ... (17 replies)
... My particular case began with a history of borderline anemia which took a sudden turn about ten years ago into the chronic anemia area. ... (0 replies)
... etting a colonoscopy to be sure even though she is fairly sure the bleeding was related to hemorrhoids. She said it's quite possible this could be the cause of anemia since the iron level was borderline. Sooo. Now I'm scared to death. What are the chances this is colon cancer..I always think the worst! ... (90 replies)
... me i could take it if i wanted to but it was up to me until next labwork check. If the iron wasn't better, then she would make me take it daily. I guess it was borderline at that point. ... (90 replies)
... an take. I am afraid it's too much but I will trust she knows what she is talking about. I recheck bloodwork in a couple months. As far as iron, she said i am borderline and she said i could go ahead and start taking iron if i want to now or wait until next check up. ... (90 replies)
... That is very low normal. That is what makes me think ANEMIA! But what kind of anemia and what is causing my anemia? ... (0 replies)
... Ugh, I feel for you! Its so disheartening when they keep finding nothing...and especially when they do find something, like your possible low iron and tell you its not that. So you are back to square one! So sorry you are going though this! I am too! you are in good company! I got sick about 5 times last fall (probably bc I was iron deficient) and the last illness was strep... (14 replies)
... r reason for your fatigue. I would differ with your Dr on stopping the iron when your Hb reaches 12. It takes at least 3 months to restore iron stores beyond the anemia being corrected, and if you have an absorption issue, it will take even longer. ... (14 replies)
... st studies are only done on clinically anemic patients. There has been a study on the effects of iron supplementation on fatigued women with low ferritin without anemia and there was marked decrease in fatigue for these women after taking supplements. ... (7 replies)
... I have been having symptoms of anemia, like requent headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath and increased heart rate when I go up the steps, etc. I had a CBC that showed ferritin of 3 but hemoglobin 11.2 (minimum 11.1). My hematocritc was normal along with Platelets, WBC, etc. These are the values: Ferritin, Serum 3 Low Hemoglobin 11.2 Normal (minimum 11.1)... (7 replies)
Possible anemia?
Oct 30, 2013
... Yes, I think you are borderline anemic with iron deficiency, but I am thinking because your cell size and cell hemoglobin concentration is at upper limits of range that you may have another factor at work here. I would ask to get Vit B12 and folate levels done, as low levels can cause anemia, and some people have iron and B vitamin deficiencies that coexist and make them... (9 replies)
... The original values were so borderline on the first CBC that I am surprised they stayed within normal limits while the others were shifting. ... (7 replies)

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