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... I've always been borderline anemic, with RBC ranging from 3. ... (1 replies)
... ng your posts. I am not a doctor, as you know, but I will share the few things that come to my mind when reading your post. It has taken you 5 months to get to borderline anemia. ... (8 replies)
Anemic or not?
Jun 5, 2009
... Cloey88--Anemic! When your H & H values fall below the range you are considered anemic and you are mildly/borderline anemic. You need to give ranges when you can. microcytes 3+. This means small (micro) blood cells. anisocytosis. Is a medical term (aniso) for different sizes of RBC's. Your right, your MCV is very low , ranges for this are usually 80 at the bottom... (7 replies)

... Did they do further tests to be sure it is iron deficiency anemia. There are many types of anemia--most likely it is iron deficiency in her case. I think it is important to have the iron tests done (ferritin) just to see how bad off you really are. Taking pills is definitely a pain. I have to take a Synthroid every morning and it took me YEARS to get to a point where I... (2 replies)
... Hi! Back in November I took my daughter to the doctor because she tends to nap a lot and I was worried - she also has heavier periods - she's 16. Anyway, they suspected she was anemic, and the blood tests came back "borderline anemic" - we were told for her to take iron 2 times a day and come back in 2 months to get her blood work done to see where she was at with it - I... (2 replies)
... r including kidney function etc, and I am surprised the doctors, more like angry, didn't pick up on that, except one doctor about 8 years or so ago told me I was borderline anemic, he didn't go into details and I didn't pursue it as I thought it was unimportant. boy was I wrong. ... (9 replies)
Am I anemic?
Jul 15, 2004
... I myself am anemic....but im only borderline anemic. Even though i am i dont know that much about it. ... (5 replies)
... DL This is all I have other than being told I was borderline anemic. ... (1 replies)
... It's been a long battle beginning in 2013 when I found out my ferritin was a 3. Today, I got the latest bloodwork. Am I no longer anemic or still borderline? ... (2 replies)
Anemic, but WHY?
Nov 3, 2014
... Had my first infusion today. No complications except for a little queasiness. I had labs last Thursday and my HGB was 8.9; today it was 8. The hematologist strongly recommended a transfusion, but said the decision would be up to me since I'm right on the "borderline" for when he recommends transfusion. Does anyone have any experience with this? I wasn't given much detail... (5 replies)
... esperate for some knowledge and wisdom, seeing as how the ridiculous amount of doctors I've been to have been ZERO help. I had my son in 2011 and was told I was borderline anemic. He never mentioned taking a supplement and I felt fine so i completely forgot about it. ... (1 replies)
Anemic, but WHY?
Oct 30, 2014
... Frustrating visit today. I didn't even get to see the hematologist, only his nurse. Decided course of treatment is weekly iron infusions for a month along with weekly labs. Referrals to gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, etc. were put on hold until after I have my infusions. The reasoning was that the iron deficiency would skew any other workups. More labs done today,... (5 replies)
... As much as docs proclaim they know, they don't really know how low iron affects the body since most studies are only done on clinically anemic patients. ... (7 replies)
... n 300 mg of elemental iron at one point and I didn't overdose. You don't absorb all of the iron you take. I know that my doctor considers a ferritin of 8 to be borderline anemic, even with normal hemoglobin. So get those numbers up! ... (6 replies)
... Endo from different country wants to give me venofer 200mg weekly for 5 weeks to bring my ferritin levels up. He said this will help you with Thyroid also. I am borderline anemic as per him. ... (0 replies)
... Sorry to hear that you are not yourself with your levels. I am sick and tired being at the borderline of more than one test, and I don't know what they are waiting for, but it has been going on for some time and I don't feel myself at all. ... (6 replies)
Possible anemia?
Oct 30, 2013
... Yes, I think you are borderline anemic with iron deficiency, but I am thinking because your cell size and cell hemoglobin concentration is at upper limits of range that you may have another factor at work here. I would ask to get Vit B12 and folate levels done, as low levels can cause anemia, and some people have iron and B vitamin deficiencies that coexist and make them... (9 replies)
... I am not sure about that, but since elevated MPV can be related to anemia and blood loss, and you are borderline anemic with a recent hemmorrhage, I would guess that is the most likely reason. Especially since your platelet count is normal. ... (4 replies)
... I agree from these results that you could have some malabsorption. Your vit B12 level is low for the amount you are taking each day. Same with your Vit D. Your electrolytes are all borderline low, and iron/ferritin should be higher with 25mg iron a day. You can have gluten intolerance without having celiac disease, and there are other types of malabsorption. Have you... (2 replies)
Possible Anemia
Jul 17, 2012
... I can tell you my numbers have varied a lot in just a small amount of time so yes from my experience they can. It is different for every individual. I also know thinking the worst is bad, I do it all the time and it doesn't help me at all. Do you know what your numbers were? (3 replies)

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