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Aching legs
Nov 6, 2008
... calves are still aching. Not so much as before, but it's still a disturbing symptom, and I'm starting to doubt whether my tired legs had to do with anemia only. ... (22 replies)
Aching legs
Oct 3, 2008
... but my doctor told me with the low iron and ferritin level I have that was a 5 most likely I do. When I wake up in the morning, it never feels like I slept. My legs feel weak and tired and I was told that can come from moving them in my sleep and not knowing it. Is your ferriting low also Alexain? ... (22 replies)
Aching legs
Sep 29, 2008
... Yes, that is my main symptom. My legs always feel weak when I walk and ache. I am thinking it is from the low ferritin I have and anemia. I hate it though because it makes you feel exhausted. ... (22 replies)

Nov 27, 2008
... Be anemic can make you feel crappy but even worse havinbg the 2 together and a lot of people do.... ... (8 replies)
Nov 27, 2008
... Hi All I am a patient of arthritis and have been taking pain killers for the last one year. This has destroyed my stomach and now i am on acid reducers but the bad effect that pain killers had on me was anemia. I have become anemic. My wife is also anemic but she doesn't have the symptons that I have. I feel dizzy all the time, my legs feel weak (sometimes). I have pain in... (8 replies)
Jul 26, 2008
... I had several episodes of neurological symptoms in my legs last year. The legs would simply give out without any warning, sending me down. It happened once even as I was entering the hospital for a test. I blamed my medications. ... (6 replies)
... Hello! Well I don't feel as weak just my legs feel tired.. ... (7 replies)
... y I got lab work done because I suspected I was anemic. I have my periods for months at a time and then they just go away. And especially when I'm on my period I feel weak and dizzy and like I may pass out in the shower. Lately I feel tired all the time and my legs hurt all the time. ... (3 replies)
... Most people don't even report feeling better till their ferritin reaches 50-70 ish. I disagree with your Dr. and believe ferritin can be the cause of your symptoms only because I am in the same boat and have experienced it first hand. I have a pretty good Dr. who won't even get rid of the anemia diagnosis until my ferritin numbers get up there, and he has first hand told me... (14 replies)
... hi everyone, I'm new to the boards. I was wondering how low should ferritin be to have symptoms? I have battled low ferritin for 5 yrs. In 2007 i had to have iron shots as my ferritin was 7 but my hemaglobin was ok, my ferritin only got up to 58 so i thought i was ok. No doctor told me what it should be. I recently got bloodwork and my ferritin is at 16 and my hemaglobin at... (14 replies)
Ferritin levels
Feb 19, 2012
... ous sulfate, 3 times a day. And to see a Hematologist. I bleed heavy every month due to fibroids. So Im definatley going to get that taken care of. I am 31 and I feel weak, dizzy and lightheaded some days. I even have brain fog where I cant think clearly all symptoms of Iron defiency. ... (26 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anaemia a month ago. My symptoms then were pain in legs when walking and shortness of breath. My red blood count was 8.2. I was given large dose Ferrous Gluconate Irons tablets and within 2 weeks felt much better. ... (4 replies)
... ache, many tender points...I always feel cold! ... (40 replies)
Hello Everyone!
Mar 4, 2009
... But the symptoms would go away and I woud feel ok for a while and then it would come back again. This is what confuses me? ... (7 replies)
Aching legs
Feb 3, 2009
... I was severely anemic with a ferritin level of 5 and my legs felt very weak all the time. My calves use to hurt me on a regular basis also especially during my sleep. ... (22 replies)
... Thanks for your reply... I was wondering did you feel better a few days after taking iron pills? ... (5 replies)
Jul 27, 2008
... I have a feeling the weak legs is from the Anemia since I feel the same way. ... (6 replies)
Low Ferritin
Jun 18, 2008
... Can Low ferritin make you feel tired and weak. I walk around with very weak legs, feel exhausted, etc... I have been told I am anemic and have low ferritin. Anyone else feel this way? ... (1 replies)
... l. I've been suffering from headaches every day, am feeling really tired all the time and my body really aches all the time, especially my joints and my back. My legs feel really heavy and weak, too and they hurt a heck of a lot when I've been walking on them. ... (3 replies)
... t woken up feeling numb, I have woken up with my legs feeling weak and heavy. ... (2 replies)

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