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... My husband has always had an "anger issue" that he waws working on and doing a fabulous job. ... (4 replies)
Angry Husband!
Aug 24, 2004
... Hello,My husband of 23 years atarted thr the day adter we were narried.Broke a wedding set of disheShoudve had an anulment then!Be honest i was then and still am afraid of him.. ... (20 replies)
... I think that the people mean well and are probably afraid of you self injuring and that is why they do what they do. However, it is making matters worse. ... (8 replies)

... Rita, I want you to know that it took a lot of nerve for me to write my post, because some people can be very judgemental, but I had to let you know that you are not alone. ... (53 replies)
... e's as a potentially threatening situation. I know this is almost impossible at times, but try to put yourself in her shoes and imagine what you'd want. Hard, of course, as an adult, to imagine what is going on in a child's head at any given time, but try it anyway. ... (25 replies)
... s got anger issues and your eldest is depressed. I have anger issues myself. I am by no means an expert on the subject. However, my wife and I were having a lot of trouble after our child was born. I also began to have some health problems at that time. ... (2 replies)
... earing my family apart. I'm angry and moody and irritable all the time. At first I thought maybe it was PMS but it's all the time, but only with my family. My husband and my kids, there are times that I just want to get away from all of them. ... (2 replies)
... but know I can see the problem. Her relationship with her husband is terrible, and they usually communicate by screaming. He is pretty abusive to her, and I would scream at him too. ... (6 replies)
... e afraid. I do know that consequences work wonders on behavior. A person just has to get the right consequences and they have to be enforced every time. Being afraid of him certainly throws a wrench into the situation. If he has never hurt you before what are the chances that he would hurt you? ... (5 replies)
... itting walls. The thing is that he knows he has a problem, but he only thinks about helping himself when it gets to the point that i threaten to leave him. He is afraid to go to a therapist, because he sais, "they will just put me on antidepressants," and he doesn't want to live his life from a pill. ... (22 replies)
... yelling and venting at you because you're the only one who will listen to him IS being abusive, and the fact that you're making excuses for him shows just how far he's beaten you down already. And you don't want him to end up like his dad? He already is.....take off the blinders. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Don't try to be a hero and save this one....just... (22 replies)
... not as bad as some women, with abusive husbands. My bf only has anger problems, he is not abusive towards me in any way. He only takes it out on me, because all of his friends dumped him when he quit doing drugs to make a better life for me and his child. so therefore i am the only person he has to listen to his problems. ... (22 replies)
... her. My parents never beat me. They didn't abuse me. I got spanked on occasion. I got sent to my room. Got privilages taken away, but I was always terrified of making them angry. I was always sort of wussy like that. ... (11 replies)
... Thankyou, you're adorable. I feel like I'm actually communicating with my husband. We have looked into help but because of the money he makes, they won't help us. They won't look at the medical expenses and see what really is left. ... (17 replies)
... Sounds like the husband doesn't trust you, Lil momma. ... (14 replies)
... You don't deserve that behavior. If he's physically abusive to others, aren't you afraid someday he'll turn and punch you? ... (1 replies)
... ear I just felt like the Zoloft quit working, so the doctor tried to change it up well this last one we tried was Prozac and it do nothing for me. I've been off of everything for about 3 months now. My anger and anxiety attacks are out of control. I get so incredibly mad. ... (8 replies)
Angry Dad
Oct 2, 2007
... I went through kind of what you're dealing with. ... (5 replies)
Boyfriend in Iraq
Jan 16, 2005
... My husband was in Iraq for about 13 months. I think it is normal for guys over there to get frustrated..especially if their loved ones need them back at home. ... (12 replies)
... o. I got messed up in drugs and this guy, i didnt cheat though but i lied to him for 6 months straight. So he has good reason too but he doesnt have to remind me of what i did, everyday right? ... (14 replies)

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