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... Hi, i have an uncontrollable anger that is beginning to tear my family apart, my mother is on the verge of moving out because of it, every morning im a big trouble getting up for school, i get really angry to the point where i can't control it, it just happens, today i made my mother cry because she cant cope with this happening every morning, i hate this, but i cannot control... (0 replies)
... o thru exactly what you are going thru right now and I understand how you feel. I had over the past 2 decades pushed away many people out of my life due to this anger problem. ... (6 replies)
... I'm scared I'm turning into a monster and I've tried everything to solve what's going on, counseling, meditation, music, reading, moving out, anger management however nothing has worked. ... (6 replies)

... to buy the gun and wait.....The anger passes and we go back to diversion, to life, to whatever it is called. Working towards goals, doing yoga, making steps, doing things...fine. Trying... ... (1 replies)
... I have OCD so might be obsessed with the idea of developing anger problems, so please bear with me on my comments. ... (1 replies)
... Sometimes it happens to me with my boyfriend or my friends. I can't manage my anger properly. I also get angry for no reason at all. They say some of it are caused by our hormonal changes. ... (7 replies)
... It's not easy to talk about that. I have read a lot of books and meet people that know th human body for centuries. The Anger, the one that you can't control, their is only one reason for this. It's simple, it's the pride. too much proud. Somebody extremely proud. you upset him a bit, really nothing and he get anger, lose the control of his talking. And their is only... (7 replies)
... i think you are fine, and you need to try telling that to yourself. Yes anger can cause a lot of damages. ... (7 replies)
... Going back to your childhood, which is a Freudian method of dealing with problems, takes a long time. Anger issues that escalate to physical abuse need to be dealt with immediately. ... (7 replies)
... no one always gets their own way. You began with anger over small things and now you are escalating to physical force. That's not a good sign. ... (7 replies)
... Changes are stressful, so writing down can help to get your perspective. When anger gets you, you can try to get a shower, breathe and think the things you like about the person and then talk to him when you are more calmed. ... (7 replies)
... I'm almost 24, and I'm a nanny. I have such patience that people would never see me as the person to be burst out in anger over anything. But I have been noticing a pattern lately that I have been having uncontrollable rage and anger come out of no where. ... (7 replies)
... and they seem to help me out really good. they show you how to contol the anger and talk with out blowing up at your girlfriend! and if that don't help it could be the meds. not helping you . ... (3 replies)
... Firstly, you have every reason to have developed this anger. You have had a rough ride. You know yourself that the first order of the day is to get off the drink. Nothing will be resolved while you are getting drunk. Do that and a large percentage of your problem will disappear, and you will be better equipped to deal with what is left. Sever all contact with your ex - the two... (3 replies)
... Ive known for years that I have an anger issue. Ive always said "Ill get help", but never did. ... (3 replies)
... runk. Then he would come home and create hell with my mother and me. He beat my mother up almost every weekend. He beat me several times as a child. He had this uncontrollable rage inside of him. He would smother me with a pillow as a child. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I vowed I wouldnt grow up to be a drunk like dad. ... (8 replies)
... Do you eat a lot of carby, sugary foods? These can cause violent mood swings. aj (3 replies)
... Anger is good. Sometimes, being angry can be cathartic. But this kind of anger that you're describing seems unhealthy. Perhaps, you're just unhappy with your relationship? ... (3 replies)
... I am not a professional in the area other than the fact that I have anger issues too. I am trying to figure out what causes my anger and monitor thoughts that trigger my responces. ... (3 replies)
... when my boyfriend upsets me I can't control my anger, its terrible and sometimes I can't remember what I've done in these rages. Please help (3 replies)

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