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... I am not a professional in the area other than the fact that I have anger issues too. I am trying to figure out what causes my anger and monitor thoughts that trigger my responces. ... (3 replies)
... Good morning folks. I have anger issues, which stem from my poor self esteem. I have started going to see a professional, but things are still rough at home. ... (1 replies)
... when my boyfriend upsets me I can't control my anger, its terrible and sometimes I can't remember what I've done in these rages. Please help (3 replies)

... I have been looking all over the internet for days and i cant find any anger management free workshops,classes or groups? ... (4 replies)
... Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but there are many people that do not have a "problem" with alcohol but rather enjoy it with a meal--similar to someone liking milk with their cookies. If you can look at it in that way, perhaps you might start the path of dealing with your anger. You are passing on the feelings towards your parents, who obviously abused or neglected (same... (8 replies)
... Since My close freind got hert I lost control of my anger how can I contral and calm down (1 replies)
... Secondly, I have been through many anger problems. ... (2 replies)
... I know stuff not working is irritating but this is just the "one more thing" that doesn't go right in my life and thats where my anger goes. ... (4 replies)
... ated that I give in to it. I need to try to identify the point where I'm angry, but where I can still think rationally, and try to do some exercise to lower that anger level. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, I agree. When I first heard, "people dont make u mad, YOU make you mad" I wanted to punch the therapist (hahaaa, not really) but I certainly gave him a mouthful and swore people DO make me mad, its certainly not something I 'choose' to do. So it took me a lot of years, my first steps were to recognize it was happening (stop thought process). Im not even sure where... (4 replies)
... You should stop playing these games immediately the minute you START to feel your anger levels rising. Just switch it off and leave the room, even if you're at the same time enjoying the game. It's not worth it. ... (4 replies)
... how do i know if i need anger management (1 replies)
... As I write this, I'm icing my hand because yet again, I've had an anger spike while playing a stupid video game that caused me to punch my table. This is my third table in the last year, I've destroyed two already. ... (4 replies)
... convinced I had done something I hadn't, he would throw it in my face that I was lying, and I would get more and more frustrated, and there was nowhere for that anger to go. I would get frustrated because I tried so many different methods for convincing him I was telling the truth that eventually I would just get hysterical. ... (3 replies)
... Some deep emotional stuff is trying to get your attention here. This is a fairly extreme level of anger to feel over words on a screen written by complete strangers who you will never meet, who don't know you or your situation. ... (3 replies)
... I feel like I'm going crazy with this one! I started posting a while back on an Internet forum because I thought I had found a community of intelligent and open-minded folks to talk about some specific life issues with. I never became a regular poster to the forum but I posted here and there, and then about a week ago I made a venting post about my boyfriend because I was... (3 replies)
... I'm new here, however, I've been reading about anger issues. Anger is a tough emotion to recover from if you do not have the proper support. It took me years to understand my rage.It starts with the "will" to want a better life. ... (2 replies)
... From an experiential perspective, ask yourself where the anger is evolving from. You have all the answers within you. ... (10 replies)
... it may not be an emergency in your mind but your post is saying it could very well be. Why would you want to stay in your anger when there are plenty of people out there that are skilled in helping people that are in such pain? ... (1 replies)
... If someone can't control their anger and they are punishing someone close them they need to seek help for this. ... (10 replies)

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