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Angry 3 year old
Nov 3, 2005
... I could use a little help. I have a 3 year old little girl and she has been going through her terrible 2's since she was about a year. ... (5 replies)
Angry 3 year old
Dec 6, 2005
... I dont think your 3 year old needs any help from doctors or psychiatrists at this point. My brother was like this for a while, but eventually just grew out of it. ... (5 replies)
... My son who will be turning 3 on August 3rd has been kicked out of 3 daycares in the past 5 months. ... (14 replies)

Angry 3 year old
Nov 3, 2005
... Hi! This sounds like my son when he was 3 (and 4 and 5...) I had trouble keeping him in daycare because he was SO stubborn and angry. He was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which is exactly as it sounds. It turns out that this applies to kids that have a very high IQ or sometimes kids w/ADHD. It took a lot of time and PATIENCE, but the key was to provide... (5 replies)
Angry 3 year old
Nov 4, 2005
... MOMMY2 HI i have a son that was that way i took him to a Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist,i found out that he was bipoler he was 3 at the time now he is 11 and he is doing great not the same kid as before, he use to go after his sister with a knife use to call everyone names would not listen to noone. in mean while if she dose this and threwing fits sit down put her in... (5 replies)
The angry son
Oct 4, 2006
... I have a 7year old son who seems very angry at the world, He is acting out talking back being disrespectful and beating up his brother all the time.. ... (5 replies)
... For the past year or so things have gotten much worse around our home. ... (1 replies)
Angry 3 year old
Dec 6, 2005
... She'll grow out of it, but make sure you aren't making it too easy for her. If there is no consequence then she might feel like she can always get away with it. If shes really bad, do not give her positive reinforcement. there has to be some motivation not to throw a fit, or at least some way that she will realize its not worth all the fuss when she isnt even going to get... (5 replies)
Angry 3 year old
Nov 25, 2005
... Thanks for all the help i'll keep checking for more responces. (5 replies)
... now. There are therapeutic ways to treat this behavioral disorder. I commend you and all of your efforts. I know how difficult it was growing up with a very angry defiant teenager in the house, who by all means overpowered many of us physically. ... (14 replies)
... I AM getting help. He will be attending a special program in September that is run by specialists. Why do people constantly berate me for not taking care of the needs for my own child? Of course I know there is something seriously wrong with his anger, and I have been trying to get as much help as possible. When people start harping on me because they figure that I'm not... (14 replies)
... I have been angry at almost everything. ... (4 replies)
... I'm a 23 year old female with one 2 year old child, and a husband. Ive been with him for over 8 years now. ... (0 replies)
... was going to sleep over "Anthony's house". Problem arose when Anthony was driving the two drunk idiots home. My 18 year old nephew started trying to act all hard and tough and was trying to grab the wheel from my other nephew who was driving. ... (3 replies)
... Years ago, I found an old book at the library called The Difficult Child. Some of the temperment descriptions fit my daughter to a "T'. ... (12 replies)
... He has shouted at me recently whilst I was breastfeeding our newborn and our 3 year old was cowering into me. ... (4 replies)
... I am so glad to hear you havent been feeling angry for the last few days, I hope that this board is helping you a little. ... (23 replies)
... It does work. You said so. Dont beat her but a good spank will help her become a strong person rather than a brat in the depression forum. (12 replies)
... I have done this 3 times now. Never had before but nothing seems to work. ... (12 replies)
... The sad part is the ten year old, I know you know this. I have young children also and I am doing whatever it takes to stop the swearing and yelling. ... (6 replies)

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