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Jun 28, 2003
... My Dad died in April, and ever since then I am feeling really really angry. i'm angry that he died, but now I am getting angry at everything so easily. I go off on my mom and boyfriend sometimes. I get so mad at work about everything, but never say anything. ... (1 replies)
... How do people treat you at school? ... (11 replies)
... I also have a problem with anger about little things, and it is in large part due to frustration at my job as well. A frustrating day at work, or a job that you don't like, DEFINITELY contributes to frustrations later at home. ... (1 replies)

... sidered rude and inappropriate to express anger. My parents NEVER fought when I was growing up until they split up when I was fifteen. Also something I'm still angry at 10 years later. My parents would send me to my room if I "mouthed off". That was the Worst. Punishment. Ever. ... (11 replies)
Always mad
Apr 17, 2011
... loding over the littlest things... my bf plays an online game and i see him add ppl he doesnt know like just character names to his friends list and im instently angry and cant even look at him ...even the most little things casue me to have a complete meltdown ... ... (3 replies)
... There was a time when I was a 14 year old where I would get sad at times, but eventually a relationship gone bad caused me to be depressed most of the time and it never seemed to end. ... (4 replies)
... would happen, and what i could to make it a fight or a rude comment, i dont know if that makes any sence,but once i snap out of this ""daydream"" im really mad at eveything, Everyday is the same thing, i wake up sore and tired, stiff, and angry. ... (4 replies)
... and that we have to keep our relationship a secret. He said it's because when more people know about it, it creates problem. From that point, I feel like I am angry about it and I can't do anything about it. ... (3 replies)
... feeling so stressed and angry lately. Everything is a bother. ... (6 replies)
... I am in my 40's, married and 2 daughters. Why does everything make me so angry? ... (1 replies)
... ng "you should seek professional help" might not be the advice people are looking for either. I know first hand from anger, rage and being ultimately pissed off at everything and everyone around me. ... (24 replies)
... t him I'd wish he'd do that he won't do. He doesn't have any friends cept one outside of our family. He is vert attached to me and and no, not very independant at all. It isn't that I want him to be less attached to me, but I would like to see him want to do things without me sometimes. ... (15 replies)
Angry Husband!
Apr 15, 2004
... He has got too many issues. He's never physically hurt me, except thrown things at me when he's lost control of his anger. Last week we got into a fight and he threw a plastic cup at me to try and shut me up. ... (20 replies)
... i get angry at everything even reading some of these threads piss me of coz people giving their thoughts and opinions havent gone through it. ... (2 replies)
... Lately I have been getting very angry at everything around me and the war in general. I have never been an angry person but I am having a harder and harder time controlling it. ... (23 replies)
Angry 3 year old
Nov 3, 2005
... months. She gets very angry and yells and screams at everything. ... (5 replies)
Angry at an ex
Jul 16, 2005
... Additionally, why is your anger directed at one of his new girlfriends? ... (29 replies)
... I am sure that it is all in the past now. The other thing is that maybe you might feel that you are not in control of your life and this is why you are so angry at others because you feel like a pawn. You are in control of your life. Now reach in and find your power. Keep posting. ... (4 replies)
... eat advice. You are right 2ndtimearound about not trying to change him but my attitude towards him. I actually bought an anger management book about dealing with angry people and it basically says you cant change peoples personalities so why try. ... (19 replies)
... f in a strop and accused me of 'talking down' to him. The whole evening gradually disintegrated as he then brought up every other little annoyance from the past. At times like these I find it best to be quiet as he takes offence at everything I say. Each time he acts like this I am determined to end the relationship. ... (11 replies)

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