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... Not necessarily true. Often, people who have anger issues are very particular with those they demonstrate it to. ... (12 replies)
... and cares about me, is generous and treats me well. He's a very reasonable person, someone with whom i feel i can talk to, but i don't know how to deal with his anger issues. ... (12 replies)
... I just wanted to comment on your first thread by saying that PMS can play a big part in someone's relationship. I know it did in my case. I've also had anger issues since childhood, but mainly just temperamental or moodiness. ... (19 replies)

... the same is true for me. Lately, my boyfriend and I's relationship has been rocky. He's tired of my unpredicatable behavior. I always lash out on him during my period, which I find hard to control. ... (19 replies)
... after we were married. I feel totally misled. I am 29 years old and make good decisions in my life, I am not some fly by night person. Now I am dealing with his anger issues every single day and its going to lead to us splitting up. I cant take it. I know you care about him but you need to think about yourself. ... (11 replies)
... I don't think I would ever hurt anyone, except those few people who have gotten to me... Do I have an anger problem? ... (1 replies)
... i do not really know why he has anger. he was teased when he was little but so was i. he doesnt have a very close relationship with his parents... yes i can usually tell when he will get angry. for the most part its when something doesnt work for him. ex. hes trying to set something up and it doesnt work, or something goes wrong. and like you said hes not angry all the... (7 replies)
... at least he's consistent! I am not making light of anger. I don't think you need to be scared of it either. Anger does not always lead to someone getting physical with you. Doesn't mean you close your eyes to it either. ... (7 replies)
... i am 20 and he is 22. we have been together 2.5 years. i have asked myself wether i want to live like that the rest of my life before. and no i dont want to hear yelling all the time but i cant imagine not being with him because under that he is a really great guy. (7 replies)
... Answer a few questions: first from me: How old are you both? How long have you been together? Now answer a few that you should ask yourself: Do I want to live like this the rest of my life? If I can't talk to him when he is angry over something he did himself, what will happen when I have to talk to him about something I did wrong (like when you are married and maybe... (7 replies)
... I hope you realize that you cannot "fix" this. He needs anger management. At the very least he needs to look into himself and find out what it is in his life that keeps him so angry. You say he would never hit you..... ... (7 replies)
... My boyfriend is a really great guy. but one problem with him is he has anger problems. he has never hit me and i know he never would. but if something doesnt work for him or goes the wrong way he freaks out. he yells and screams. ... (7 replies)
... void it is because I simply fear the other persons response to it. This is not "chickening out". This is actually very common a problem with people who deal with anger issues. All this does it make the anger worse. ... (4 replies)
... if yes, you should really maybe take a class on anger management issues. ... (2 replies)
Why am I so MEAN?!
Oct 14, 2016
... Hi there. It is not likely you are going to change until you find out what is causing this to begin with. You have some anger issues if you are speaking to someone you supposedly love this way... ... (1 replies)
Looking for help
Nov 26, 2013
... probably due to his deep seeded abandonment issues from his biological father, and watching his mother degrade a use hard drugs. He was 19 when he had me, and needless to say he wasn't ready to be a father. ... (0 replies)
... If I knew she had issues with me talking to some girl that I wasn't even close friends with, a girl that pretty much didn't care about me, I would not do it, bottom line. ... (6 replies)
... ront of his friends and at his house, to the point even his friends don't think he should be with me. He wants to live with me, and I dont' want to drive another boyfriend away. I have a serious problem and I used to go to a counselor for depression and I need to go back, but in the between time, I just need someone to talk to. ... (1 replies)
... convinced I had done something I hadn't, he would throw it in my face that I was lying, and I would get more and more frustrated, and there was nowhere for that anger to go. I would get frustrated because I tried so many different methods for convincing him I was telling the truth that eventually I would just get hysterical. ... (3 replies)
... minded folks to talk about some specific life issues with. ... (3 replies)

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