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... Im 16 and Im angry most of the time. my father upset me,he doesnt understand that kids have problems too, he believes that because im a child I should be stress free. MY daddy believes EVERYHTHING he says is right and if it isnt, I shouldnt say anything because Im the "child".. ... (3 replies)
... Hello all. This being my first time on the site, Like to say a hello. Im Scott, Im in my early 20's and am feeling a complete mix of emotions. ... (5 replies)
... p Youre welcome anytime, Im glad to know that someone has the same things going on as me.. I was deeply depressed for 2 years and I am still recovering, but doing much better. ... (9 replies)

... ses me great problems its so hard to talk to God because of OCD but I know he listens to me and even answers me sometimes I just find life very stressful and I'm angry and im scared and im hurting and i cant seem to get over all of that. ... (9 replies)
Very angry
Mar 13, 2004
... i feel that im angry at all my fmily and my ex....i was diagnosed with an illness 4 years ago but was ill a long time before that. ... (4 replies)
... Hey. I'm 11 and it's seems like I'm always mad! I don't know why but if someone even touches me, like my sister, I'll lash out and hit her. Like on the school bus last week, one of my kinda friends was teasing me. I got up and started punching him! he said something else and I slapped him right across the face! Now I could have got suspended for it but he didnt tell, but I'm... (8 replies)
... days without being in a mood or getting angry but its hard to do and i feel good about myself and then it pops up again out of nowhere. Would you say anxiety could cause this? ... (9 replies)
... There are so many questions that need to be asked. When Im anxious or in pain I can be extremely short and angry. ... (9 replies)
... Small things irritate me and all the time, im always finding fault and tend to focus on the negative of certain situations instead of the positive. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, just to let you know who I am, I'm a mom, 56 yo, my son is now 27. I remember him going thru a time when he was angry a lot but I'm pretty sure it was because he was gay and hadn't come out yet, was at that awkward time also in school then having to deal with that. ... (3 replies)
... may need medication, but therapy may be very helpful since you have recently lost a relationship, and have issues with your father understanding you. Since he is angry much of the time, you are getting some unhealthy "modelling". It is possible he is depressed as well, as it tends to run in families. ... (3 replies)
... eel like things are just too stressful, i just yell, try to make everyone around me feel bad, kick things, throw things, try to break things. I just hate myself, im sick of it. Within 45 seconds to 2 minutes of calming down i regret everything that i just did. ... (0 replies)
... h in my life for my age and I had many suicidal thoughts at that age. Everything has been great for years since living with my dad but somthing is making me very angry and depressed. ... (3 replies)
... My partner, who I loved and felt most comfortable with. I did not blame her for anything, and I wasn't angry at my mum either, but I felt...conflicted inside. ... (2 replies)
... I have been getting more and more angry and I dont know why. Little things just keep stacking up and it makes me a powder keg! I find myself in a rage more than not now and it really bothers me. ... (0 replies)
... Im writing today to hopefully to let go of some of my angry and get a better understanding of why i feel so overwelmed and angry so often. Im a 40year old women, am 17 weeks pregnant, the mum of a beautiful but currently very challenging 2. ... (3 replies)
Always Angry
Jun 5, 2011
... od, but that didn't help at all. I screamed at her when she told me not to cut the tags off. I began to cry and punch my hips when my dad told me to calm down... Im a teenager. That shouldn't be happening. ... (0 replies)
Always mad
Apr 17, 2011
... nd myself exploding over the littlest things... my bf plays an online game and i see him add ppl he doesnt know like just character names to his friends list and im instently angry and cant even look at him ...even the most little things casue me to have a complete meltdown ... ... (3 replies)
... nd forgot about him. My bestfriend does sometimes really anoy me and take the mick but we are always fine after a little argument about it. So why am i always so angry when theres no reason for it? ... (0 replies)
... im working on my anger now by taking st jhons wort and changing my diet to see if that has an effect on me ill let you all know if it works. (2 replies)

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