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... My girlfriend of five years and I love each other so much, but my anger is getting in the way. We're taking a break after the last time I mouthed off to her. I called her awful names, like *****, ****, and ****, and I'm just so disgusted with myself. She sees so much in me and I repeatedly add on to her, already bad, anxiety problems. It makes me break down in tears just... (1 replies)
Help me
Oct 26, 2012
... one of us are allowed to work.. I've never had a job. u might not have the power to help me but Ur prayers will do me good. Im Arab. I hope I'm not sending a bad message of Arabs cuz it's not really like this for most ppl I mean in every culture there are the strict parents. ... (26 replies)
... So my brother got a dog. Yup, you read that right. I was getting ready for work Wednesday morning when my oldest friend texted me, "No your brother did not?" I was afraid to go online to see. There is a picture of an adorable dog. Instant fury raged through me. Midmorning, he sends me a picture of the dog, with the caption, "Hi Aunt J!" I didn't tell him I was mad b/c... (21 replies)

... For what it's worth ... I came upon your message because I felt and feel the same. I can say that studying a bit of Zen Buddhism has helped. Accepting without judging, etc. ... (2 replies)
... I read once that anger is a message that something needs to be changed. And to use that energy to make changes. So I try to use anger constructively and not let it eat me up. ... (12 replies)
... posts from all the messages I have read on these message boards that i keep close at hand and pull out in extreme times. You should write a column on anger management! ... (12 replies)
... Now i am receiving threats from one of her sons. He left an awful message on my voicemail. He was going to call the police and so on. For what, I dont know. ... (0 replies)
... that....but, it is an unhealthy love...and it is unhealthy because there was trouble and distrust before your marriage and the day of you arriving home you see a message in which she wrote "I love you" at the end of. You chose to ignore that because you LOVE HER so much. Again, she wrote I love you. And you ignored it.... ... (4 replies)
... checked her facebook messages without her around, and found a message from the day that I arrived home, that he and her both had sent and responded in. ... (4 replies)
Why I get angry
Sep 26, 2010
... First I'd like to commend everyone on this message board that can admit that they have anger issues. ... (0 replies)
Older and madder!!
Sep 16, 2010
... uy so when I get angry it really intimidates others. I have to be very careful. A recent outbust of my own to someone who didn't deserve it has pushed me to this message board. If you find that magic cure, please let me know. I'd really like the help myself. Oh, and Semper Fi. ... (2 replies)
... OK, I dont know ware to start so send me a message if you think you can help. My anger has broke all that i have and care for. I get mad easy and from there it's down heal. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks, Sera! I definitely have issues in the past of not being believed, but I can only think of them happening over the last several years (I'm in my mid-20's) and nothing from childhood, although I'm sure something probably happened that I just can't put a finger on at the moment. When I think back on it the most anger I ever experienced was in situations like this - once... (3 replies)
... There are many buttons that are being pushed for you in this issue. You are angry at not being believed, being dismissed, being taken out of context; all of these things are really getting to you. The questions you must ask yourself are, 'What are those buttons all about?' Are you a generally angry sort of person? Have your opinions and concerns gone unheard in your early... (3 replies)
... So I checked the boards and I received a pretty condescending and sarcastic message in response to what I wrote. Fair enough. ... (3 replies)
My wife moved out!
Nov 18, 2008
... I would like to start off by saying hello to everyone who is on these message boards. I think that support is very effective and allows for open mindedness. ... (7 replies)
... Spike1, I read your blog. I have a question for you. Would you get angry on the phone and threaten to hang on your wife? Did you notice if she got scared by your anger? Did you ever notice yourself doing this and not feel the need to appologize? I am dating someone with similar anger issues as yourself. I am unsure how to confront them. What would have helped you to... (10 replies)
... I know this will sound hard to do. but here it is. Have you thoguht of living away from all in a remote site such as South America to help others? Like a church volunteer. Sometims experiencign what others go through help us understand that there are things that meks us mad but it could be worts. Also, having a spiritual contact, regardless ofthe religion, help humans to find... (4 replies)
... I found your question today because i was researching the connection between heart surgery and anger. My dad had a triple bypass a few years ago, since then, he's a changed person. His temper is explosive, just like you said and he freaks out over every little thing, even to the point of punching holes in the walls, where before the surgery, he was always easy going and never... (13 replies)
... years I would not be typing to strangers on a message borad for help. But here I am. ... (29 replies)

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