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HI Howard~
I have had anxiety and PD for years with long breaks of no symptoms. But when it does arise it always manifests its way with a new set of symptoms. My most recent ones being after my husband of 34 had what they were sure was 2 MI's but now they are wondering if it might have been a viral infection. Anyway.....this time it is the burning skin and sometimes prickling, in my arms, legs and sides of neck, sometimes face. I also have muscle pain or some sort of pain in my arms. I feel for you as I know it is very bothersome. I also know that if you can side track your mind (easier said than done I know) not to dwell on it the symptoms are not so prominent. I sometimes get a cold feeling on the top layer of my skin and yet feel sunburned. Oh the wonderful mind can do such strange strange things. Take Care..
I,m new to this web site. I also get the burning feeling on skin especially on my legs. I also get a cold sensation running through me. Doc has told me i have to see a neurologist. Really scared as to what it can be. Have anybody advice please?
Goody :confused: [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]undefined[/COLOR]
I too also have the burning sensation when my anxiety is really up there I have it on my arms and my shoulders. Its kind of like getting a indian burn when we were kids. or maybe getting rug burn, LOL I really hate it but at least it is a sign that I might be going to have a anxiety attack so I guess its a good thing for a warning. But I sure hate that feeling! Your not alone at least you know that you are not the only one going threw something like that. When it first happened I freaked the heck out but my Pdoc explained that anxiety can do that to you.

Hope this helps
I was wondering what the hell that burning feeling thing was. It seems
though some of you get it worse than others but for me its like my legs
feel like they are getting restless or something but there is some type of
burning sensation and it is kind of uncomfortable for me and my arms also
can get this way plus my stomach. I am not sure if it is my skin or muscles
but is it just mostly skin to you guys?
It feels like skin and inner tissue for me. On my hands it feels like skin but in my stomach it feels like its an internal burn. Its hard to tell but it is a weird feeling.
Hi everyone....I also get this feeling mostly in my legs...feels JUST like I've been burned and it hurts to have anything touch it. Not unbearably, but painful still. I asked my doctor about this and he sent me to get a Nerve Conduction Test and they found that I have early signs of 'Neuropathy'...wish I could explain this condition a little better, but I am just learning about it myself as I was only diagnosed about a week ago or so. I do know, however that it can become quite serious if not detected and treated early! So if this is something that has happened more than a couple times, ask your doc for one of these tests! Hope this helps! :wave: Lil'Pea

P.S. Also, there is a HUGE difference between getting "flushed(hot flashes)" and a burning of the skin. Make sure you are very clear with your doc's about this. Sometimes doc's are quick to attribute everything to anxiety if they know you are the anxious type....I am lucky that my doc took my complaint seriously and tested me. My past doc's weren't so good about it and maybe i could have been treated much sooner if they had been! Anxiety can cause ALOT of terrible symptoms, but it should not be the explanation for everything! :)
Hi all,
I had the burning sensation just on my lower legs for about 6 months, but it has started to go everywhere. It is a very disturbing feeling. All i can describe it like is a very bad sun burn. My gp told me he would refer me to a neurologist but i am still waiting. I also get a sort of chill running through me from time to time. I first got the feeling when i went to the gym 6 months ago. It only lasted a couple of weeks but now i have had the feeling constant for a few months. Have anybody got any ideas as to what it can be??

Worried mum x
I have burning sensations almost every day. I usually don't wake up that way. It seems to progress as the day goes on. Sometimes, it is in my back, sometimes my arms and sometimes my legs. Yesterday, I was feeling the heating of my skin and throughout the day, it spread from my neck to my back to my arms. When I got home from work, I took at shower. The burning seem to calm down. About an hour later, both of my calfs began to "heat up". They actually even felt hot to the touch. This slowly progressed until about an hour after, they were so hot, it felt as though I had a bad sunburn. This was followed by a period of intense itching on both calfs for about 10-15 minutes, and then it subsided and I was able to go to sleep. I didn't think I was anxious. I have been having these burning sensations for several weeks as well as intermittent bouts with itching. Anyone have any ideas what this could be? I'm stumped, but it's affecting my life. I have been to a dermatologist twice, and he has told me that burning sensations are not a symptom of any diseases. He is going to test my thyroid because of the itching, but doesn't seem to address the hot feelings on my skin.
i also get the burning and also the tingling.. usually its on the top of my right leg or on my ears.. i have actually been feeling it on my leg since i woke up today.. never really worries me i just figured it is from anxiety..

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