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I've had this sensation for a few weeks now, but the last 2 days has been even worse and it's really scaring me!! I can just be sitting there watching tv and here it comes. Sometimes it's bad, sometimes just there a little. Last nite it did it in my chest and head really bad and scared the crap out of me. Now tonite for about a half hour it's been my back. Feels like I'm burning up, but when I touch it, it doesn't feel hot at all?? I have to keep a fan blowing on me to keep me from panicking. Wondering if anyone else has this from anxiety or panic attacks??
i also have this feeling and it is anxiety related,i even look in the mirror expecting my face,chest,whatever to be bright red,dont worry about it, ignore it and it will go away,unfortunatley with anxiety it will be replaced with another symptom,sad mum
Good, I'm glad to know I'm not the only also happens to my ears and when it does they feel really clogged??
yes that too ,you will get every disease known to man and its all anxiety related,you must think positive other wise it will ruin your life,me, after having every cancer,of course so far gone i cant be cured,sleepless nights, ruined social nights,and i had the longest heart attack,has lasted 3yr up to now,i just laugh at symptoms and say no way baby and do somthing totally distracting and lo and behold it disappears,dancing music is great,try it and tell me if your symptoms disappear,love sad mum
I had this feeling when I started taking Paxil for my anxitey. On 12.5 mg I was ok, but when the DR switched me to 25 mg I had every symptom known to man. This feeling is like your skin is on fire, but it's just more like overloading of the does go away...all anxiety related.

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