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Apparently Apotex has stopped making Paroxetine, the generic for Paxil. I was switched to Peroxetine mfg by Zydus. Although the active ingredient is chemically identical, the fillers/binders may be different and therefore the absorption rate might differ slightly. You may even be able to notice the difference at first.
Yes, I just got my presciption refilled yesterday and noticed that I was given the generic brand Zydus. Since starting Paxil in July of this year, I've always been given Apotex.
Have you experienced any side effects or notice anything different with the change from Apotex to Zydus?
Any feedback will be appreciated.
I recently read an article on generics that addressed exactly this. The article had a case history where a woman who was on Wellbutrin was switched to a generic with very bad results. Not all generics perform the way the brand name drug does.
I just had my Paxil prescription switched four weeks ago to the generic made by Zydus (from Apotex). I haven't been so depressed in years!! Dramatic difference for me. Walgreens said they would try to order the Apotex for me. I hope they can because I have been really not feeling well.
Apotex no longer makes it. That's why the switch.
I started taking anxiety meds in July of this year and was initially prescribed Paxil mfg by Apotex. Switched to Zydus brand almost three weeks ago, as Walgreens no longer carries Apotex, and have experienced no changes or side effects.
I've read posts about individuals experiencing side effects with the brand name switch. In my case, perhaps the switch from Apotex to Zydus was transparent since I've been on anxiety meds for a short time.
Walgreens is going to get me one month of Apotex paroxetine for January (from another Walgreens' supply), and then they will try to get me a different generic (not Zydus). They were very helpful.
I just got my prescription filled to find that Walgreens changed manufactures.
I am super upset about this. I don't know if I can handle the switch. I've been on paxil for 10 years.

I have been taking Apotex for quite a while now and feel mostly ok on it. But I remember switching generics to the Apotex and it being one of the worst 6 months of my life, I couldn't even leave my house by myself. Totally thought I was losing my mind. But I honestly can't tell if it was the switch of manufactures or if it was the chaos going on in my life that triggered the melt down.

The new manufacturer is Zydus and I can't really find any information on the company's Paroxetine. I haven't found anything but this board that even talks about it in a human voice.

Does anyone have any info that would be helpful for me?
Did you make the switch? Did you have any side effects? If you have been on it for a while how would you compare it to other generics or name brand paxil even?

I also looked into the Apotex manufacture and they did not stop making paroxetine.

I am new and found your board during my search.

I just went to get my refill, I was completely out and had already missed one dose yesterday and went to car to take it. I noticed the paroxetine was yellow and had the number C55. I figured they gave me wrong prescription.

Went back into the pharmacy but it was already closed early for New Year's eve and the store told me the pharmacist had left. She never even told me that it was different from what I've been taking.

For the last few months that I've been taking this, it was Apotex APO 097.

So I came home tonight and did a search and found the manuf. is Aurobinda. So I guess it will be ok to take but gee would have been nice to know that it changed.
Hi all,
I had my prescription change to the generic by Zydus as well and I've been going out of my mind. I take Paxil (by Apotex) for anxiety, not depression, and I'm climbing the walls. It took me about a week to finally figure out the culprit, and I'm certain this is it...I feel like I do when I try and ween myself off Paxil. Can't sleep, vivid dreams, heightened axiety.
Would love to know it's just not me - I never usually notice any problems with meds.
This is interesting. I'm not on Paxil, but take Luvox (Fluvoxomine). When I refilled my prescription the other day and got home my pills looked totally different and had a different number code (M414). Had me stumped a little. I thought they gave me the wrong prescription. When I called the pharmacist he looked into it and told me that they changed the generic manufacturer - still the same drug. So far, there is no difference. Interesting though, how the same thing has happened with Paxil.
I am freaking out... I have been dizzy for 3 days and felt like vomiting. 3 days ago they switched my generic and I feel like I am having withdrawals.... this is terrible. I'm jittery, anxious and depressed!!! I think I will ask Dr. for regular Paxil script tomorrow... I can't handle this, ill pay the extra.
I recently had my script changed from apotex to zydus. Immediately i had an extremely poor outcome. Apparently for me this uptake inhibitor does not absorb into the system like apotex and therefore is not beneficial to me. My health quickly deteriorated. My md recommended that i increase my zydus to increase the absorpation rate. However i am on a low dose. You should see your md before you made any changes in our medication. I think apotex has been sued for infringement by lily but i am not completely positive that is the reason there is a shortage of apotex. Personnally i started with paxil and got basically hooked, then to the generic apotex and now zydus. Everytime you do this your body reacts and i believe mostly negatively. Manufacturers and the health care community must keep this in mind when they decide to substitute medications on a whim. Personnally i hate zydus manufactured in india and have requested that my health care provider and my insurance carrier to issue a medically necessary script for apotex. Unfortunately the patient comes last in these decisions and is the one to suffer the most. I recommend you revisit this issue with your heath care provider and adjust your dosage to meet your uptake needs.

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