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... ow. I wish I could help. My input usually suggests medications, but if you are afraid to take them, I wouldn't be much help. All I can say is that when I take Xanax for my anxiety, I don't have any bad side effects. The only thing that happened was I was a little sleepy when I took it for the very first time. ... (5 replies)
... building department. I know a lot of us have anxiety socially, and blushing is one manifestation of social anxiety. ... (12 replies)
... Yes, if you're going to go the medication route, trial and see what happens is the only thing you can do. As far as the antidepressants go, Paxil and Zoloft are the 2 that are FDA approved for long term treatment of panic disorder. ... (3 replies)

Is this anxiety?
Nov 30, 2005
... they have suggested beta blockers the only problem is my resting heart rate is around 50 so they wont do the beta blockers. I have heard wonderful things about xanax but all the drs I have been to will not prescibe them, they say they are to addictive and so they want to do the anti depressant thing..... ... (6 replies)
What is Buspar?
Nov 22, 2005
... yeh beta blockers arent the best but if they work oh well keep on taking them, like I said i only take xanax as needed and it helps my anxiety and makes me happy hahah (9 replies)
What is Buspar?
Nov 22, 2005
... Hello. I am taking beta blockers for my anxiety. It is so bad though and ruining my life, stopping me from doing things I want to do. ... (9 replies)
Nov 22, 2005
... Beta blockers i would not recommend since if ou have asthma and use them it can be fatal and it also lowers your blood pressure, and i already have low BP plus asthma, i threw all my toprol away and just use xanax when neeeded, helps anxiety (8 replies)
Work Worry
Nov 22, 2005
... There are a couple of other medications besides Xanax that can help with blushing... ... (5 replies)
... you all prob know my story by now, but if not ill just quickly outline it, im a 19 year old healthy female. had panic attacks since 16 and every day getting worse, im on beta blockers, have been for the last nearly 3 years now. ... (13 replies)
... Wellbutrine is for depression and will not do much with anxiety. I have tried them all and none really do much except causing side affects. Beta Blockers work pretty good along with occasional use of Ativan and Xanax. Do not take Xanax or Ativan all the time, as you will become addicted to them. ... (7 replies)
... Flax Seed oil will not help anxiety. You need to sleep well and eat well and exercise. You need to meditate and do deep breathing. No smoking, no caffeine, not much drinking, red wine is okay. As for meds stay from them all. ... (3 replies)
... Heart Murmur or arithmia is scary but generally harmless. Excercise and relax by meditation. ... (8 replies)
... I just want to feel better. I worry that I am going into heart failure every day, and it just stinks. ... (10 replies)
... h a vague feeling of a slowing of time. I'm not scared at this point, I just feel...dreamy. Things seem to move in slow motion. Within moments my throte tightens and my arms tingle. I just feel strange. ... (3 replies)
... My fiancee works at night and I always have to have my mom or one of my friends come over and hang out with me I feel like I cannot be alone. I am on xanax, zoloft and beta blockers for palps. ... (14 replies)
... make sure your blood pressure med is a beta blocker type, it probably isnt as these arent advertised or promoted much. ... (7 replies)
... told me to take my Xanax every day for 10 days to see if I feel better. ... (0 replies)
... no im not really to dizzy i get alittle bit from the beta blockers iam on but not to much! xanax is the best anxiety drug out i think it was made just for anxiety! ... (6 replies)
... epends on what is causing ur anxiety for me its worrying bout my heath so im not as depressed as im more worried!! one girl i knew had anxiety after her mom died and went on on anti depressants worked right away for her! ... (5 replies)
Please Help!
Jun 2, 2004
... ents said nothing to worry about! i just find my self worring all day everyday i look up things on web md i get those symptoms im done with web md lol!! thanks and ill keep ya posted! ... (7 replies)

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