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... Thanks for all your replys.The reason I ask was all the messageboards does not say anthing about the warm feeling on the chest.It almost as if you are laying in the sun. ... (3 replies)
... It does me as well, feels very heavy at times. Also I get a warm feeling that travels across my chest sometimes. Freaks me out, but I am trying to deal with it. ... (3 replies)
... My question is are these weird chest feelings normal after a panic attack and how long do they last? ... (0 replies)

... a falling sensation accompanied by a very cold feeling in my arms and legs. ... (3 replies)
Sleepless in NJ
Jul 30, 2009
... warm feeling in the center of my chest moving to my arms then gone, very easily startled. ... (3 replies)
... Here's Mine: Sleepless dizzy/feeling faint feeling as if I'm dying/derealization brain fog sweaty palms stomach in knots/nausea headaches/eyeball headaches cold sweats warm sensations (3 replies)
... On Friday morning however I awoke with severe shaking, like all over my body, and a massive heart rate, chest pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Full blown 12 hour panic attack. I assumed it was a reaction to the antibiotic. ... (1 replies)
... not and I was sent home. August came and my husband came home from a year long depolment and everything was going great. Then one day out of know where I started feeling this warm hot like my blood was boiling inside me feeling. Went back to the ER, was told that I was taking thirod meds that I didn't need and to stop them. ... (2 replies)
Health anxiety
Nov 2, 2014
... Guys please help I have so many symptoms 24/7 they make no sense to be anxiety related, my dr is sick of seeing me but will not listen due to anxiety I will write a list of current symptoms that are and I quote everyday all day Left side headache Left side neck arm and jaw pain Chest pain Muscle twitching Cold feeling in left foot but warm to touch Tingling fingers... (6 replies)
May 29, 2014
... ery time i have an attack i sometimes have different symptoms,but my penis going small and hard i do not no what is going on there.every day the middle top of my chest sturtum feels sore ,my left arm is numb somtimes my right,my head feels like it is on fire ,dizzy very warm to touch.i have been very very gassy like burping. ... (1 replies)
... e. got alot done... come Saturday morning I knew the family, WHOLE extended family would be home later that night. I was sitting on the computer when my middle chest just burned, spread to both arms, palms got sweaty and went away and didnt turn into a panic attack but for one second I thought "MY HEART!" "Attack!! ... (0 replies)
... e the doses and the meds were gone very quicky, and then...i couldnt sleep, wake up ever few hours. ....and i think back all of this really started because my chest ached and i started to worry about a heartattack... ... (1 replies)
Breaking Point
Dec 16, 2012
... g those I loved, because I experienced many deaths at a young age. In my 20's, it became inwardly focused. My first real episode was when I pulled a muscle in my chest at work and thought it was my heart. ... (0 replies)
... nd moved forward but now for the past 5 days I have chest pressure, fast heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, head pressure still comes and goes, feeling my heart in my throat, warm sensations through my body, foggy lightheaded feeling and weakness. Even just standing up to walk gets my heart going. ... (6 replies)
... that time period my ears started ringing on and off each time getting longer. then i was sitting on the chair and i felt a pop at the bottom of the neck and then warm liquid like feeling , no headache vomiting or anything like that just slight pain and then a warm tingling feeling. ... (1 replies)
... was praying for a miracle to save me or god as i was running every red light going 90 miles per hour towards a hospital getting tunnel vision and seeing floaters feeling like i was going to pass out. so i park my car in the road stumble towards the registration counter at the ER and told them i was having a heart attack. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, Cahcinderella! Hope you're feeling some better today. You don't mention having seen a physician about this problem. Please make an appt immediately. ... (1 replies)
... Something you can try when you start feeling like this is to go sit down in a quiet place and say to yourself that you are suffering from anxiety and that you are really okay. ... (7 replies)
... I have not driven since January. In Jan. I was driving home and a warm sensation came over me and I felt like I was going to faint. I pulled over on the side of the highway, and my husband drove the rest of the way. ... (7 replies)
... still am, was getting fed up with me not coming to see her. In fear that I would lose her, I would drive and get off at each exit on the highway breathing heavy feeling like I was going to die, then when I would settle down JUST enough, I would continue. ... (2 replies)

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