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I was in the same boat as you 5 years ago. I have osteoarthritis in both big toe joints and it hurt like h*** almost every day. It really began to depress me, since I was always active, on the go. My podiatrist was almost useless: he said take aspirin and rub your feet/toes with 535- rub and learn to live with it! Not good enough for me, so I went searching.....

I started taking 1500 mgs. of Glucosamine sulphate and 1200 mgs of Chondroitin sulphate EVERY DAY, and about 4 months later, did I feel alot better, believe me! I could walk almost 1 hour with not much pain at all. These 2 items can be bought at any health food store or drugstore. Make sure you buy a good, quality brand, don't just buy the cheapest brand.

Also, good stuff to take was lemon juice/oil available in any produce section of grocery store, and ginger and turmeric in spice section. These help with inflammation and glucosamine/chondroitin help with cartilage repair and rebuilding. Drink ample water too.

Nowadays, I still get minimal pain once in a while, but it is short lived and bearable. I didn't want to take drugs for life and surgery was an option I wanted to avoid at all costs. Yes, Beano, I also, took Naproxen ....after 3 days on it, my stomach said NO! No more Naproxen, never touched it since.

Also, important to note, you must wear properly fitted shoes with lots of cushioning for your joints. Shock absorbers for the feet!

Hope this helps; just my 2 cents worth.
I have been down this road, so I know only too well how you feel.

Best regards,

ps..... Give your feet a rest as much as possible and bathe them in cool/warm water, depending how you feel.
There is also one product, which I have begun taking recently which helps with removing toxins from the joints, it is herbal in nature, not drugs. This product is great, but I don't think I am allowed to mention it here on the boards, since it may sound like endorsing or advertising?

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