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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"]Hi all I am new to this board I am usually over there ---> on the back problem boards.I know I'm a mess :rolleyes: My question is I have osteoarthritis on both knees I have done cortizone no success also synvisc no success. My ortho sent me for an MRI on Friday to see how far along the dmage is BUT has told me that arthroscopy would not be a choice for me and I am to young for knee replacements If he can't do anything then what is the next step.Also when I extend my knee to a certain extent it locks what is that is it a bone spur.
Thanks all
:wave: Kelly [/SIZE][/FONT]
you might have a mencus tear(sp) that could make your knee lock.
theres Nada wrong with getting a second opinion, or third opinion a neurosurgeon with a fellowship may be an answer as well , there are many new treatments out now. Also look for an or tho surgeon that specializes in sports medicine they may have a different set of treatment plans as well
Hi zoey my ortho does deal in sports med :D
:wave: Kelly
HI Kelly,

I'm also always on the Back Boards. I don't have knee OA, but I do have something going on with my ankles, mainly my right one. I started having some problems in my late teens, but my early twenties I started getting pain, swelling & stifness in there. I also get this "locking" feeling in my ankles. I can walk, then all of a sudden usually my right ankle will have this sharp pain inside and it locks up and I sometimes stumble from it. I have had this for many, many years...and only recently was sent for an MRI. In my case, it turned out what is causing my locking are osteochondral lesions, which my podiatrist said are spots of bone death from trauma or degenerative arthritis. I've never injured myself and I have arthritis in other parts of my body, so we assume it is arthritis related. One other thing that can cause this is too many steroid injections in an area. Of course i have no idea if you have something like this going on in your knee.....but it could be possible. In my research, I found it is common in the knees and hips. There could be a small piece of cartilage or bone that is loose in there, which could cause locking. I also read that many times these lesions can be easily missed on imaging. Of course it could also be a bone spur or tissue related.

Before my podiatrist told me my MRI results, he asked if I ever had sharp pains & where, and if my ankle ever locked up. And I thought to myself...OMG, has he actually found something that's been causing this???? Then he told me about the lesions and that they had been the cause of my locking and some of my pain. It took me almost 20 years to find this out finally!!!! (On top of that I also have severely torn tendons & swelling, though again i've never injured myself.....but these tears also cause alot of pain).

Maybe you might want to get a second opinion to have another pair of eyes look over the films to see if there's anything else there or even ask about other options.

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