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Hi, I just wanted to tell you how my rhumey checked me. My first visit we talked about everything that hurts and all of my complaints. He then examed all the joints I told him hurt- even my toe joints. We talked more about treatments and such, but he said he couldn't do anything just then until he took some more tests. He did give me a perscripion for Ketoprofen 75mg - which is a little stronger than aleve. He also had me take a TB test. So he ordered a bunch of blood work done and a hole lot of xrays taken of the problemed areas I told him about. Which came to 45 xrays. I went and had the blood work and xrays done as soon as I left his office. My second visit which was a week and a half later, he exsamed my joints again and we went over the test. Thats when he comfirmed I had RA and started the treatment. From what I understand RA doesn't always show up in the blood and some things like hepititis will mimic RA. My Dr tested me for hepititis in my blood work also. So when you go back... insist on more tests.
Good luck to you... and let us know how things go.

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