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Thanks so much! I've been shuffled around so much. GP sent me to NS after I complained of tingling in hands and feet. My MRI report said:

At the C5-6 level there is a left foraminal disc herniation causing left neural foraminal stenosis. At C6-7 level there is a small disk bulge.

He saw it and said "the report says there is no stenosis (which he later retracted), and the herniation wasn't that bad. He said "let's rule out MS, and it looks like you could have a chiari - brain malformation). My MRI of the brain said:

A few scattered nonspecific white matter changes filling none of the McDonald criteria for multiple sclerosis and with no evidence of a chiari malformation.

When I went in, he wasn't even going to tell me the results! He just said "you need a neurologist, not me."

My symptoms now are mostly:
Muscle pain and nerve pain (pin pricks). Burning. Some tingling, but that is mostly gone. The pain seems to be symmetrical. If my upper left thigh burns for an hour, the next hour (or day), it is my right thigh. I also have back/shoulder pain, which is helped by the cervical spinal exercises I was given by PT (I went for a week, then we held off due to not knowing if it was chiari).

I have had all bloodwork done and it was normal (including SED). I feel like crying. Now it's another 2 months to get into the neurologist. I wish someone would at least treat the herniated disk! Thanks for your feedback

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