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But I'm 19!!!!
Jul 15, 2008
...I'll be 20 in a couple weeks. Even so, I thought that was too young to get this. It has not been confirmed, only suspected, and I had a bunch of tests done today: ANA, rheumatoid factor, thyroid, etc....

It started just with one hand swelling up in May and now it has progressed to both hands, feet and my left knee. I also am a little suspicious of lupus because of some other symptoms I have like skin rashes and such, but who knows. I guess I will wait for the blood tests results and go from there.

I have not seen a rheumatologist, I am being managed by my new PCP, who I saw for the first time today, and she ordered all these tests when she heard my symptoms. I switched PCPs because my old one was not taking me seriously. I had been seeing him for over a year and he had never even so much as listened to my heart beat.

Anyway, the joint pain/swelling/stiffness is worse in the morning and then gets better during the day, although my fingers swell up pretty intermittently.

I was just a little shocked to hear her say that this was a possibility.

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