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Tricia and Thomasinaa, thanks for responding to me. Tricia, I think it would be smart to talk to the chiro again for an opinion. It is my understanding that sometimes there could be a tear or something that starts the degenerative process.......bear with my language......I am sure there is a better way to describe it. :cool: Anyway, when I had the accident that caused the whiplash, I had my hand on the horn with my elbow locked. That is a VERY dumb position to be in when you impact another car. :o The force of the impact travelled up my arm to my c5-6 and c6-7 disc areas. That is where the damage is. Your whiplash was different from mine, but may well have started the damage. A chiro or doctor would know better.

Thomasinaa, do you find the physio helps your back and hips? I was thinking of going back to get mine straightened out again. I just had foot surgery, and the gibbled foot seems to have set me all askew. My hip is better, and is hopefully all soft tissue. I notice you are in BC. I am in northern BC in the snow and cold.

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