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Re: RA and Worried
Jul 10, 2010
Thanks so much for taking time to give me such an informative reply! I have been doing my homework and have def seen the stuff about early treatment and about the diff meds out there. That's why I have finally gotten to the point of thinking maybe I do need to seek more help. I am so scared by some of the changes I have been going through, not to mention the almost constant pain, I HAVE to do something. I look at how much worse things have gotten over just the past year and wonder how in the world things will be another year from now. And that terrifies me.

As for the signs you listed, I have been going over them for years now while diff docs wondered if it might be RA. I used to not meet too many of the criteria. Not so now tho. I def have the morning stiffness, but it stays most of the day in my knees and hands. I have problems with 3 fingers on each hand (some of my knuckles are becoming disfigured looking) and knees all day every day. I am starting to have pain in the toe joints 3-4 mornings a week and it is EXCRUCIATING when I do have it. My wrists, elbows, and neck give me probs but not as often as the other joints. They are like the toes too tho, when they hurt, THEY HURT. I have some "nodules" in my lungs that were discovered a few years ago...wonder if they are rheumatoid nodules?? Doc said that although the RA factor is neg, the anti-CCP test was more important and that it means I have it without a doubt. Doc didn't say much about my hand x-rays except that they looked as he expected them to considering. Def need to ge to a rheumatologist and get definitive answers.

I do have a question if you can take a little more time to answer it...I know that RA can affect much more than the joints, including the eyes. However, I haven't seen much info regarding exactly what kinda symptoms you have when your eyes are affected. My vision is acting screwy, having trouble focusing and stuff and my eyes HURT a lot. The eye docs keep telling me that my probs are a "normal part of aging."What kinda symptoms did you have??

Thanks again for your help!!

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