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I'm sure the weather is much nicer where you are now! Montreal can be pretty chilly a lot of the time! I keep trying to plan trips there, but they never seem to work out somehow :confused:

I watched a bunch of videos on how to do it, and I successfully gave myself an injection of MTX on Monday. It isn't that hard, the hardest part is building yourself up to stab yourself on purpose! I did it just before bed, but as of today I haven't experienced any symptoms I can attribute to the MTX. When I took the 25mg dose in pill form for the following 3 days I had chest pains and strange, sudden painful palpitations. The injection hasn't started that again so far. My Rhuemy told me to do mine in my thigh, so that's where I did it.

I went to my hand specialist today and got 2 more cortisone shots. He was very concerned at how much inflammation was present.

He showed me my x-ray though, and it is not good. My right wrist has no cartilage whatsoever, and in the x-ray my bones were so tight together you could only tell where one ended and the other began by a thin little white line. He wants to do surgery to fuse my wrist bones together. He told me it would improve my quality of life by not having all the pain of the bone-on-bone grinding together all the time. He said it would, of course, limit my functional abilities, but that doesn't worry me as that joint is almost as good as fused anyway, and I haven't been able to move it out of its' frozen position in about a year.

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