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Re: Prednisolone
Aug 3, 2011
[QUOTE=Necrokat;4814940]newb here and happy to be here! hello!
this is exactly the kinda info i was looking for. i was put on Pred for mouth thrush and noticed it was the 1st time in 14 years i did not have pain! it was miraculous! then my primary doc told me how awful pred could be, especially to my diabetes.
the arth meds i'd been given in the past did nothing. Celebrex ect. so is there a med that works like, or is close to Pred?[/QUOTE]

Hello and welcome!! Good to have you here.

I've tried Celebrex too and had no results at all. Nada.

The doctor said he wanted to put me on something "like" Prednisone but didn't say what it was called...he also said Methatrexate and that's what my ear heard. I see him on the 12th so that's not too far away. I can't believe I'm saying this after having such wonderful starting results with Pred but I'm eager now to get off it. The one thing that really bugs me is the hot flashes I've had from it. I went through menopause and never had them...not ever!! All of a sudden I've got them...and I'm not a friend of summer to start with. I can't tolerate being too warm so these little private heat waves are driving me NUTS!! So, I'll willingly give up my Prednisone in favor of something else that will hopefully work. Pred at lower doses doesn't do all that much for me anyway.

Have you tried physical therapy? I've been going for almost a month now. After so many years of being a piece of furniture I've decided to try to take back my life and I asked my Rheumy for a script for PT when I saw him in June. I started in July and while it's not perfect and I still have a lot of pain and my usual...I can feel my muscles are getting a little stronger. I have land therapy and pool as well and when PT is over I'm going to join the center so I can keep going and taking classes that would be hand picked for me and I'll continue in the therapy pool too. Mentally I feel like I'm doing something really positive for myself and not leaving it all up to drugs.

Anyway, again welcome. Nice to meet you!!

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