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I am a 34 year old female. I do not have any history of arthritis in my family. Less than 2 years ago, i started with a sinus infection which I never recovered. I was given too many antibiotics. Finally after 1 year i had my sinus surgery. This was a start of my nightmare (before the surgery,with sinus infections).
My knee started to pop, Orthopedic said i had chondromalacia in the knees. Then I was stretching when all of the sudden I started having a sharp pain of my shoulder. The MRI said I had a mild OA in the shoulder. Things are hard when i do repetitive stuff. Now 2 weeks ago I started to feel pain in my 2 hands and wrist, these wrist started to pop all of the sudden and i started having burning pain, my feet pops, especially when i am wearing flat shoes. I feel more comfortable with hills but not too high. If I abuse too much from wearing hills, my big toe starts to hurt. Is it something that is going on in my body? I have been under a lot of stress due to school and work, i even had an anxiety attack. Is that something that triggered my pain. Everyday seems worse and I am only a single woman who is trying to have her life ahead and this is so frustrating. I am considering going to the OP again. All blood test came back negative, even Reuma said I did not have OA, RA or gout. But what about my right shoulder? Does it mean that I might have OA on my entire body? My feet hurts but i want to exercise again and I don't know what to do or what doctor to see. I have been in the OP, reumatologist, immunologist, ENT, 2 primary doctors. Am i missing somebody else that could finally find out what is going on? please help and sending a lot of blessings for the ones in pain, especially the younger ones. i am not old to start having a lot of pain issues all over. God bless

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