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Hi Steven,
I feel your pain; I just got up from my bed first time in 5 days. Same thing: flair up in neck area. I know exactly what you are saying.
May I ask you if your Drs offered you any help? If surgery is not needed, than PT or ice or acupuncture? My dear friend has excellent results with acupuncture for her neck issues and after finishing 25 treatments last year, she didn't have eve one flair since.
I would definitely have them done too, but due to my conditions I cant have this wonderful treatment.
My symptoms different then yours, but also our problems are different too. I don't have any cracking, and moving my head from side to side not a big problem for me. The minute neck problems start, I develop terrible, debilitating headache. I can't see, can't even open my eyes, this how much pain I get. Face, especially area around my mouth gets numb; pins/needles as well.
Pain spreads in between shoulder blades, upper back hurts a lot too. Shoulders and arms. My hands and fingers are numb, pins/needles.
I can't lay on my back at all; I can't lay on any of my sides. So I put pillows under the stomach, neck on firm big towels and rest as much as I can. Sitting in front of computer - impossible. I cant sit and hold my spine straight, it hurts my neck and head even more.
I am on strong Pain medicine, but it not working at all while flair up continues.

I am sorry, I got to go; typing and sitting brings more pain.

All the best

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